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The Woman & Heroine

Season 1, Episodes 23 & 24 Aired: 2013-05-16

Elementary: The Woman & Heroine Episode Review

Blinded By Love

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Elementary's two part season finale was undoubtedly the best episode of the series so far as it had everything that fans of the series could hope for, and then some.

The first hour, titled 'The Woman', was very light on the mystery, but it wasn't any less interesting. The London flashbacks did a great job at bringing Irene to life, and gave us just the right taste of Sherlock's early life to show us why he is so crazy over her. While the other versions of Irene in the novels, other series, and movies, built Irene to be as a more modest criminal, Elementary took a very different step by making her very similar to Sherlock, hence the reason he fell for her and why he was willing to do anything to help her recover.

Sherlock even dumped his duties onto Joan, who did such a fantastic job by herself that even Bell and Gregson were taken aback from her skillful deductions. This was a very intriguing way to demonstrate how much Joan has grown over this past season. Gone is the naive sober companion and instead we have detective that is almost on the same level as Sherlock Holmes. While this demonstration of her abilities did a great job at showing how great of a detective she has become, she continued to prove herself right through the episode, especially after the first huge twist.

So sweet, but so deadly.

That twist was, of course, Moriarty, or should I say who Moriarty really was. This is one twist I never saw coming, but I should have since the clues were everywhere. With how difficult it is for producers to keep secrets from fans thanks to the internet, I should have known it was going to be a previously announced character, and since they already changed Watson's gender Moriarty being a woman too is only natural, but the Woman? There were clues for her too. Irene was built to be Sherlock's equal, just like other versions of Moriarty, she just happened to show up just as Sherlock has recovered, Moriarty decided not to kill Sherlock despite him being a threat, and, lastly, Irene's "captor" knew exactly where she was staying. With all these clues, I am really shocked that I didn't catch it.

The second half, titled 'Heroine' was much closer to a normal episode of Elementary, only more intense. It wasn't just some random criminal they were trying to stop, it was Sherlock's true nemesis. The case was planned and executed almost perfectly, even with the two meddling detectives being just a step behind the entire way. While she may have beat Sherlock, it was Joan who was crowned the champion.

The idea to use her love against her was brilliant, it even had me fooled... again! I actually thought that he fell into the alluring call of drugs again. Could this finally be the end of the addiction storyline?

With everything that happened in this finale, the only part that I am disappointed with is that they actually caught her. While I still expect that her secret army will break her out of jail quickly, if she even makes it there, the fact that she was foolish to visit Sherlock in the hospital makes her feel weaker since I would expect someone of her level to see through the ruse and use it for her advantage. Although, I doubt she will make that mistake again and now that she knows even more about Sherlock and Joan, the rematch, if there is one, should be truly epic.

Now that this chapter on Sherlock's past is all wrapped up, the series can finally look forward to the future where Holmes and Watson work together as highly respected partners... unless the Euglossa Watsonia becomes more vicious than the Apis Mellifera (Killer Bee) anyway. Here's hoping that when Elementary returns in the fall, their cases continue to be of the highest quality.


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