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Risk Management

Season 1, Episode 22 Aired: 2013-05-09

Elementary: Risk Management Episode Review

Speaking With the Devil

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

After their unexpected phone call last episode, I expected a mad dash to find this mastermind, but instead we got something significantly less epic.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun to watch Sherlock and Joan deal with the increasing pressure to solve the case so their mysterious caller would give them the answers they were searching for, but the case itself, and the reason the crime happened, felt inadequate. This was a case supplied by a mastermind who is well aware of Sherlock's abilities, so I expected something significantly bigger. Was the case really that bad? Actually, it wasn't terrible, but I think that the police should have been able to solve this case without Sherlock's involvement. Perhaps I just had my hopes set too high for this episode.

Finding the real murderer of the original crime, and the true link between the case and their mysterious caller, definitely sounds like something worthy of their skills, so I hope that they return to this case in future episodes to actually follow through with Sherlock's promise. I just wish that one of these were the primary cases, and not just exposing the truth of the resulting crime.

What the hell was up with Captain Gregson this week? I can understand him being worried about Joan's safety, but this was going too far. I was so proud of her when she commented on his apparent male chauvinist behaviour. Is this like just a set up for something bad happening in the season finale? Oh, I don't doubt it, but this should have been just done without making the Tobias from looking like a jerk.

While the case itself could have been better, it filled the purpose as the train that carried Sherlock and Watson through the wildly twisting roller coaster ride that their mysterious conductor, who claims to be Moriarty, set them on the top of to watch as they were hurled down the track toward his chosen goal. Was this conductor actually the man we all want to see, or is he just another pawn in his greater game? For that we will have to ride along to find out. Even if we don't actually see him, with the colossal revelation at the end, this upcoming episode may undoubtedly be the most mind blowing ride we could hope for.

Mental breakdown in 3...2...1...

Speaking of mind blowing, did you notice the insane acting from Jonny Lee Miller? Can someone give this man an award or something?

I don't think I could have imagined a better cliffhanger to go into the season finale. There are so many questions buzzing around my head. Sherlock has always shown to be fragile when it comes to his past, so I doubt this massive revelation is going to go over very well. Will he go dark and try to kill someone again, or worse yet, fall back into drugs? Whatever happens, I don't doubt that Joan will be the one trying to pick up what's left of him in the end.

Next week is the 2 hour season finale, which starts an hour earlier at 9PM ET, which is an hour earlier than normal.


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