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A Landmark Story

Season 1, Episode 21 Aired: 2013-05-02

Elementary: A Landmark Story Episode Review

Natural Born Killers

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

With a name like 'A Landmark Story', it would have been a shame if it was a lazy episode, but those fears were quickly quelled as it quickly became the most intense episode yet.

There was no real case dropped on Sherlock's lap this week, instead our two detectives got sandwiched into the tale of two serial killers, both of them agents of Moriarty. Sherlock undoubted loved the chance to finally learn more about the infamous ring-leader, but I doubt he figured he would have to wade through so much death in the process.

Sebastian Moran was a genius when it came to committing murders, as he proved again in the prison, but the new serial killer Gottlieb, was even more impressive. Murdering people in ways so that they appear like accidents is the goal for most killers, but this man made an art out of it. 31 murders, almost 32, which everyone thought was completely natural, that is truly impressive, and scary. Even more alarming was that the methods we saw in this episode are actually 100% doable, including hacking the pacemaker.

But here comes the problem with showing people real flaws that can be exploited for murder, revealing too much information can put ideas in the heads of... lets call them 'the disturbed'. This is the reason most series leave out very specific information on creating things such as weapons and explosives; too much information could create more problems. From this one episode alone we can now figure out how to kill someone via pacemaker (the most difficult of the three), air conditioner, and bees; other episodes have more too, but most of them were common knowledge. I really enjoy realism in my stories, but the writers may be crossing a line that they should have stayed behind.

I don't think this murderer will be getting the insanity plea, even with the jacket on.

Regardless of the consequences, it did make an excellent and enthralling episode. I especially loved the method Sherlock used to save the next victim, and catch the murderer. Although, unlike normal cases, the story didn't end with the capture of the murderer and soon turned into a trek up a blood soaked hill to find Moriarty. With two leads already dead, I suspect that the NYPD's new storyteller isn't going to last long in prison, but I doubt that Moriarty will be able to trick Sherlock into delivering a message a second time, so he might have to get a bit more creative next time.

Even with the blood trail going cold, it Sherlock's search might actually be over. Did anyone really expect the phone call at the end? Could that really be him?! To top is all off, there were teases that Irene might not have been killed, so could she be involved in all this somehow? Is that why the hit on Sherlock was called off? I can't wait to find out how this plays out!

The only part of the episode that I cringed a little was during Sherlock and Joan's talk on the bench. I really hope the writers aren't about to spin them into a twisted romance. I have come to accept Joan as his partner and friend, but they don't need to be lovers, and never should be. I hope Irene just shows up to sweep Sherlock off his feet (I said sweep, not knock) to keep them as friends.

With everything set up in these last episodes, the next two weeks look to be epic, although there is nothing like first-hand evidence..


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