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Dead Man’s Switch

Season 1, Episode 20 Aired: 2013-04-25

Elementary: Dead Man's Switch Episode Review

The Extended Milverton's Adventure

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Sherlock's sponsor, Alfredo has brought several new refreshing twists on the series since he was introduced, but this week he went even further by giving Sherlock one of his best cases yet, then continued to pry open the man's hard shell to reveal a few new hidden pearls.

The case this week revolved around a blackmailer, and was based on the Sherlock Holmes story 'The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton'. The similarities between the stories were outstanding, including the blackmailer's name, Charles Augustus Milverton. Don't worry if you read the original story, the episode still felt fresh, just with several nods toward the original story, like the murder, Sherlock as a witness, and even the face stomp.

While similar, Dead Man's Switch took it a few steps further and gave fans of the original work a few really good twists by extending the story. The most impressive twist was the reveal of Milveron's accomplice; on a grossness scale of one to ten, that discovery was definitely a ten. They really did an awesome job on the appearance of a corpse rotting in a tub.

It really doesn't stink, they just didn't want to breath in the kitty litter.

This of course left us with the question, who in the blazes would be still running the operation. Once again, it was thanks to Joan that the case was solved, although I'm sure Sherlock would have glanced at the photographs again eventually to figure it out.

While I don't care for how most police dramas result in confessions, I have come to enjoy Sherlock ripping a gapping whole into the guilty person's ego by revealing the exact way the crime unfolded leaving a look of shame and disgust on their face. It still feels too easy when they confess, since it rarely happens in real police cases, but normal police cases don't have Sherlock.

Dead Man's Switch also gave us several new details into the Deductionist himself, including that he does his own tattoos, and dislikes people who keep cats as pets. Although, it was his view on is past drug addiction that revealed the most about him. Apparently his willpower isn't that strong after all, and the reminder of it is what he has hated all this time. That really explains why he fought so hard against Joan and her meetings at the beginning, and his refusal to celebrate his one year anniversary. I am a bit surprised that he didn't go through with it after Alfredo explained to him why it was important, but he wouldn't be the stubborn old goat we love if he did.

I absolutely loved the original story, but I enjoyed what Christopher Silber and Liz Friedman did with it even better. Everyone involved did an absolutely amazing job this week! If the other episodes in this final stretch of the season are anywhere near this week's quality, we are going to be in for a real treat.



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