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Snow Angels

Season 1, Episode 19 Aired: 2013-04-04

Elementary: Snow Angels Episode Review

The Money No One Will Miss

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Ah, the wonderful experience of a snow storm. All the fluffy snow, the bone chilling winds, and wonderfully empty roads. What a perfect time for a major robbery.

I'm going to be quite bitter here, so don't mind me, but the weather that they considered a blizzard in this episode was not a blizzard. Where was the bitter frostbite creating wind chills that would have frozen our detectives solid before they made it to the snowplow? Where was the snow accumulation that would have made Detective Bell's car immobilized? Nothing showed made it appear that the city should have been shut down, especially after the snow stopped. It is even harder to believe that a storm like that one would have knocked out power to an entire city.

Obviously, most of the snow wasn't real, since I doubt it would be possible to shoot an entire episode in one storm. Most of it was likely visual effects, so what they were able to create was impressive, but next time I would recommend more wind and actually add accumulations on the ground. It seems odd when the level of snow on the ground is the same after it snowing for hours, especially since those tire tracks would have been covered if the snow falling was actually accumulating.

Besides the "blizzard" and the trouble the whole inch of snow caused (that measurement might have been generous), Snow Angel's case was very fun to watch.

This snow doesn't smell right... like it's made from sodium polyacrylate or something.

Most cases in Elementary are full of great twists to keep us guessing the entire way which is normally caused by the very scarce evidence and clues, but this time it was due to a plan so masterfully thought out that even Sherlock was impressed. Committing one crime to cover up another isn't as uncommon as we would like to believe, but the way the crimes were planned out to avoid getting noticed was brilliant. The best crimes are always the ones that no one ever notices, or cares about. Seriously, would anyone would have missed that money? If it wasn't for that death, and the robbers dumping the misleading goods so foolishly, no one would have ever been the wiser. It's unbelievable how two mistakes in a perfectly crafted plan could mess it up so badly.

Although, it wasn't just Holmes and Watson who solved the case, but Detective Bell too. While he wasn't working with them directly, he did an amazing job by following the clues to the murderer. Sure, he wouldn't have known what to look for if it wasn't for Sherlock noticing a small little hair earlier, but his attention to detail at the hospital was very impressive. I guess all that hanging around Sherlock is actually making the real police detectives better at their jobs. Perhaps if this keeps up their station will be so good at solving crimes that Sherlock will be forced to widen his area to find work, or better criminals will just start arriving.

The case wasn't the only thing to enjoy, but also the introduction of a very popular character in the Sherlock Holmes stories. Ms. Hudson hasn't married yet, but her character is still very much what I would expect a rebooted version of her to be, well with a few twists anyway. After her sudden cleaning and sorting, it is easy to see why Sherlock would want to keep her around, although, I think her cleaning skills will only be a fraction of her involvement. She probably won't play a huge part compared to the detectives, but I am sure she will be very useful in certain cases.

So far, Elementary has become a great series, but these several week breaks between episodes is getting very frustrating and is really hurting the mood. I hope that the next season is spread apart more evenly to prevent these island episodes from occurring again, or perhaps just end the season sooner. I doubt this is doing wonders for the viewer ratings. The next episode is April 25th, so let's just hope we can all wait that long.



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