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Possibility Two

Season 1, Episode 17 Aired: 2013-02-21

Elementary: Possibility Two Episode Review

Like a Bee in a Box

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Throughout this season the writers have slowly built the merits of Watson's involvement in Sherlock's cases, which is shown off in spades during "Possibility Two".

It wasn't just one mystery in this episode, but several interconnected mysteries with a side does of the cleaners. Who would have expected so many false leads to arise from a rich man asking for Sherlock's help? Better yet, the actual crime was created using a real life possibility and flaw that would have caused a case like this to be completely overlooked by the police. Sure, it would be costly, but the fact it can be done should be raising alarm bells throughout the current justice system.

Even if Sherlock was the one in the lead, it was Joan who really pushed things through. If it wasn't for her medical knowledge, and her "friendliness" with her past mentors, Sherlock would likely have never figured out much of this case, or it would have taken significantly longer to reach the conclusion. On top of it all, she even figured out Sherlock's test at the cleaners by finding and solving a case in just a few visits. What an amazing advancement for someone who is just learning the trade; it doesn't help that Sherlock is surprisingly a really good teacher.

Sherlock's version of an acid trip.

I do have to wonder at the competency of the NYPD though. I know police often push too hard to solve the case quickly, but this week Gregson and Bell seemed way to quick to mark a man guilty, even when Sherlock made it very apparent that he knew that he wasn't. He has been right around 95% of the time so perhaps it would be a good idea for them to trust his instincts. I know this has been a flaw in many episodes, but it was really obvious this week.

The episode wasn't all serious though, and several great laughs kept the story from feeling too formal, something the crime genre could learn from. I don't know which I liked better, Sherlock building a dinosaur molecule or his repeated texts during the interrogation.

"Possibility Two" was a blast, and with the complex and fresh story, it was a must watch for any mystery fan.


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