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Season 1, Episode 16 Aired: 2013-02-14

Elementary: Details Episode Review

Who Framed Who?

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

When a ghost from the detective's past haunts and kills, who are you going to call?

Just a few weeks ago it felt like Sherlock and Joan's relationship was doomed, but lately that has all changed. This episode took that another step further when Sherlock admitted that it was difficult for him when she was in danger and pressured her to take self-defence courses. Sherlock's refusal to admit how much of a friend he has become with Detective Bell only compounds how well he thinks of Joan. It's a shame that Joan didn't realize what he was trying to do on her own.

I was a bit surprised that Sherlock didn't figure out the truth about Watson without having to get the news from daddy. It is a good thing that the truth is now in the open, but why he didn't bring it up before? I am really glad they are finally partners, but I really hope this doesn't mean that their relationship isn't going to be romantic, which Sherlock's stammering suggests. Working partners sounds fantastic, bed partners don't.

The case this week wasn't your normal murder case again, which I am very thankful. The first few episodes were all murder cases, so having two different crimes in a row that didn't revolve around death were a real treat.

The list of suspects were long and colourful, but only a two stood out as possibilities: Curtis Bradshaw and Andre.

Step right up and pick an alibi!

Curtis Bradshaw (Anwan Glover) was a blast. Most criminals on TV automatically feel guilty of something, but not Curtis. His casual and cocky approach when dealing with the police made him feel like a master criminal, not just a normal thug. I especially loved how he even gave them a choice of alibi, and Sherlock's resulting "bet". It's a pity we won't be seeing more of him because I think he was recurring villain material.

The introduction of Marcus Bell's brother Andre (Malcolm Goodwin) was an unexpected surprise. Of all four main characters, we knew the least about Marcus, until this episode. I don't really like that they used the overly used African American Police Officer with a history of gangs back story though. Why couldn't he have been part of a rich family, then joined the force after his brother got arrested for hanging with the wrong crowd, or something more vibrant?

This shady sibling was very well used though. Even from the beginning he felt guilty of the crimes, mainly due to how he treated his brother. I am sure that if Sherlock knew about him he would have had to endure Sherlock's version of twenty questions. Yet, he was just another fantastically used twist.

The way that the real assailant wasn't even on the list was a great idea, but it felt like her reveal came out of nowhere. Sure, they had enough evidence to prove who it was, but all of it was discovered and collected off screen, which basically removed the viewer from partaking in the mystery. I know they only had so much time, but perhaps they could have switched out Joan's therapy for a quick search through the files and/or a visit to the apartment.

Overall, there was much to enjoy from 'Details', but a few odd writing decisions removed some of the possible fun. At least the end of the Sober Companion story has arrived so the sleuthing can finally get into full swing. Now that we have two detectives, bring on the mega cases to put these partners to the test!


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