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A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs

Season 1, Episode 15 Aired: 2013-02-07

Elementary: A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs Episode Review

I Believe in Sherlock Holmes

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Almost every episode of Elementary begins with Sherlock either getting a call from the police for help, or stumbles across a new case on his own, but this week he gets a client. A real client! Okay, maybe it was just a friend, but it felt so good to see him taking on a case that was closer to a private detective.

This week's case was very unusual, especially since Sherlock solved the darn thing in the first quarter of the episode only to be turned around by an unlikely enemy. I really liked the way the federal agent delivered his message to Sherlock; who would have expected that he was telling him anything while massaging his kidneys? He sure had me fooled, in multiple ways.

The client being Sherlock's former drug dealer also put a new spin on the glass ball. I loved that Joan called him "a giant gun, full of drugs", not just a trigger for relapse. The constant pressure from Rhys to start taking drugs again to put him back on the top of his game was intense, but yet he held back amazingly. I couldn't believe it when Watson stood up to him, especially knowing that he was emotionally fragile due to his daughter's capture, but Sherlock throwing him into a chair was even better. This dealer obviously wanted Sherlock as his own client again, on top of his daughter, but Sherlock's will is much stronger than ever. Perhaps Watson's fears of him relapsing are unfounded.

It is also interesting that Sherlock resorted to his father's help this episode too. I hope that since he returned the 2.2 million that his favour isn't needed anymore. How rich is his father anyway that he could throw away that much money at his son's request? Also, I wonder if Sherlock learnt the truth about Joan not working for him any more, if he didn't already figure it out.

While the mystery in "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs" wasn't as intense or mystifying as the past few cases, it was still a great character-driven episode with several well placed twists. I really hope that the writers return to the idea of him getting his own clients again since he shouldn't always rely on the police for work.


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