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The Deductionist

Season 1, Episode 14 Aired: 2013-02-03

Elementary: The Deductionist Episode Review

Sherlock Scores a Late Game Touchdown!

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

This year Elementary scored the coveted post-Super Bowl slot, so it was only fitting that this episode started with a bit more flavour to welcome the millions of sports fans. But even if prostitute strippers weren't your thing, it was till an amazing way to start an episode. I laughed so hard when they handcuffed him to the chair, and then again when it was revealed to be a sting operation.

If the introduction didn't get your heart pumping fast enough, the introduction of Martin Ennis, played by Terry Kinney, may have caused it to skip a few beats. Bloody hell! There have been some gruesome kills in this series, but this one takes the top spot so far! Martin was also a great villain, and in many ways, he was very similar to Sherlock. They even shared a similar disgust of Kathryn Drummond.

Everyone hates it when someone steals the spotlight after you do all work, and for Sherlock, Kathryn was that very person. I am sure it didn't help when she wrote about Sherlock's gifts, without giving him any credit again, and painted a very bleak picture for his future, which included his drug use. All this beating around the Drummond (I can't believe I just said that) did give use the Joan and Sherlock moment that fans have been waiting for; she finally admitted that she is his friend.

Of course, Ennis took Kathryn's paper that she wrote about him and his family's life much harder. Why? She lied about what his childhood was like, paid people to lie, and shamed his entire family to the point where his parent's killed themselves. It is easy to hate a murderer who kills indiscriminately, but knowing what this "snake-oil salesman" did to him makes his actions almost justifiable. The scene in the store may have ruined his chances of sympathy though.

In the end, it all came down to a choice, one that felt oddly crossed. I always saw the use of a gun as cowardly, thus I thought it would have been braver to choose the handcuffs and surrender, but instead Sherlock switched it around. Perhaps Drummond's profile on Sherlock was right and he is destined for self-annihilation.

If only all criminals loved attention like this guy.

The sibling twist left me a bit conflicted too. While I love that it showed how great Joan has become in finding odd patterns and clues, I have a hard time believing that she would have risked her life in so many ways to get revenge. I wonder if Kathryn figured out that the entire family had a common mental illness that turned them all into killers.

Watson's pornography sub plot also felt really odd, but it did a great job at adding some colour to this dark episode. I can't believe that Joan would let someone live in her home without her being there, not to mention a slum of a landlord participating in something that would ruin her lease. I did like her demands of the landlord at the end, but the best part is that Joan finally as a reason to furnish her room at Sherlock's. I wonder how long it will take before he realizes that she isn't getting paid, unless he already knows.

After everything that they have been through this week, I think Sherlock and Joan need a comforting hug and a pat on the back for a job well done. The crew could probably use some too after providing us with such a great episode, despite a few odd story choices.

I wonder if this episode will be remembered as the one with the stripper thieves, or the one where a serial killer massacred the cast of ER?


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