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The Red Team

Season 1, Episode 13 Aired: 2013-01-31

Elementary: The Red Team Episode Review

War Games

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Sherlock has had some odd past-times before, but this episode's reveal made sense on so many levels.

I love the idea that Sherlock's pastime is toying with conspiracy theorists. They are so easy to mess with since they will believe anything that sounds legitimate, and so many of their theories quickly become "wives tales" that trickle down to everyone. I can only imagine how many would lose their shirts buying future beach front property that will never exist.

Although, some "conspiracy nuts" do get right sometimes. Getting a listening bug in the turtle tank and spyware on a laptop are sure signs that he found too much, but getting killed was the ultimate giveaway. What was so secret that he was killed for it? Information on the Red Team from the 2009 War Games. (The Red Team creates plots for the government to fight against to test if they are prepared.)

The case itself was really interesting, and very believable, in that tin-foil hat sort of way. The way every clue pushed toward a dead body was a nice touch, especially the one led back to Sherlock and Joan. Sherlock's idea to counter interrogate government officials while he was being interrogated himself was genius, as was his final solution to the case.

Hello Clyde!

Captain Gregson was really rude throughout this episode, although he did have a good reason. Sherlock betrayed his trust and isn't even sorry about it. I couldn't even believe Sherlock's conversation with him at the pub. I am glad that he is going to look past it, since Sherlock is trying to save lives, but I wonder if they will ever become friends again.

At the beginning of the season, I only saw Joan as a whining babysitter that Sherlock had to be with, but she has evolved into so much more since then. Even now that her job is done she is still working with him to pick up the pieces left over from the Sabastian incident. She has become a very noble friend to him, but I hope that her lies doesn't cost her too much.

"The Red Team" felt like a classic Sherlock Holmes case, almost timeless compared to the others due to this sort of issue could happen in any era. The writers should be proud of the episode they created this week as it will definitely be one of my most memorable episodes of this series.

Remember that the next episode will air on this Sunday right after the Super Bowl!



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