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Season 1, Episode 12 Aired: 2013-01-10

Elementary: M. Episode Review

This isn't a joke, it's revenge!

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

"M." was not your typical Sherlock Holmes story. There was no real case, no clues to deduce, and no suspects. Instead Sherlock's vendetta lead down a very straight line to a very unexpected ending.

After so many episodes of Sherlock's lighter side, it was a treat to see his darker side finally kick in. I wonder why he revealed the truth about his intentions to Joan though. He could have come up with some sort of lie to throw her off his trail, but yet he didn't. This choice is definitely going to change how both Watson and Gregson will see at our great detective for a very long time.

The reveal of his murderous feelings wasn't the only time that Holmes and Watson were honest with each other. Thankfully, both have finally realized the friendship they have built solving cases together. I was sweet how Joan lied to Sherlock so she could stay with him longer, but wouldn't it have been easier on her to just accept his apprenticeship offer? With no income, it isn't going to take him long before he realizes what she has done.

The biggest news from this episode is that Sherlock finally has his nemesis. We didn't get to see him in action yet, only his puppet Sabastian Moran, but Moriarty's game is best kept in the shadows. I am expecting that we will get many more cases linked to him before the writers decide to put a face to the name. If the last several episodes are any indication they will likely wait until it feels like the right time, or the season finale, whichever comes first.

I guess this is Sherlock's version of aggressive negotiations.

Moran was still an amazing character that felt fresh and new, compared to past baddies. This assassin wasn't just great at his job, he was amazing. It is a shame that he outlived his usefulness. At first, I thought his choice to switch sides was just a lie, but it appears he was really serious about it. He must really hate being betrayed for him save Holmes' reputation by covering for his misdeeds so convincingly.

Now Sherlock has a new purpose in life to add to his normal crime solving, finding Irene's real killer. It will probably be a few episodes before we get another taste of Moriarty again, but it is something that fans will be waiting for, very impatiently.

I was surprised with the attention to detail on props throughout this episode, especially the letters. The first one was only on the screen for a few seconds, so most of the viewers wouldn't have been able to read it. They could have gotten away with an incoherent mess of letters for the letter, but it actually painted a deeper picture into this criminal mastermind. I wouldn't be surprised if we later learn that the coded text messages real instructions or teasers that are just begging to be decoded by the most devoted fans.

With the incredibly well acted characters, the huge twists, and Sherlock's darkness coming out in the torture scene, it is without a doubt that "M." is one of my favourite Elementary episodes. With so many amazing episodes in a row, I can't wait for the next episode. Too bad it's weeks away.



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