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Dirty Laundry

Season 1, Episode 11 Aired: 2013-01-03

Elementary: Dirty Laundry Episode Review

I spy...

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

The Christmas break is over, which thankfully means the return of our favourite deductive Brit. "Dirty Laundry" is the exact type of episode we needed to help us through these cold winter nights, and a fantastic way to start 2013.

This week's murder victim appeared to be the near-flawless modern mother at first. She had a loving family, helped her daughter with drug problems, volunteered at an agency who funded the dismantling of land mines, successful business woman who also ran a non-profit brothel... what wasn't there to love? She excelled in extortion... no, actually she was a Russian spy. One thing the writers know is how to twist characters from lovable to detestable (to most viewers) in one quick twist.

The case itself was the picture perfect murder mystery. I love how we were presented with the clues as the case progressed, allowing us to pick apart the events as they unfolded. Some of the earlier cases never did this, so I am very grateful that the writers and crew have addressed the problem.

It wasn't just the clues that made this episode amazing, but the twists too. Almost every single clue brought about a new unforeseen twist, and just when it appeared that they had the case solved, another twist changed the entire case again. None of these twists felt forced either, which is very rare in modern stories; the writers should be proud of themselves.

We all love to watch TV, but this might be a bit extreme.

Sherlock and Joan also worked flawlessly together to unravel the loads of clues that littered the episode; it was almost like she was finally ready to be his apprentice. She was instrumental at helping Sherlock solve the case, and her set up around the fireplace showed that not only has she been watching how Sherlock figures things out, but she has begun to understand his methodology too.

It is likely thanks to her advancements, or his feelings for her, that Sherlock repeatedly offered her a role as his apprentice, but it appears the time is not yet here. She is obviously close to accepting his offer, but she still keeps refusing. He even offered to lie to his father to keep her on! That one really broke my heart. She has so many reasons to take him up on the offer that it probably will only take one more thing to push her to accept, and that may be the blast from Sherlock's past that is arriving next week.

It may have been a short holiday break, but Elementary returned in true style. "Dirty Laundry" was a fantastic episode for mystery and Sherlock fans alike. Now, only if Watson could realize where she belongs...



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