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The Leviathan

Season 1, Episode 10 Aired: 2012-12-13

Elementary: The Leviathan Episode Review

Picture Perfect Theft

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Elementary has been known for its murder investigations, but even Sherlock needs something new from time to time.

Since the first few cases, I have been asking for a story outside the standard murder mystery, so this case feels extra special for me. Sure there was still murder within the case, but primarily it was about a masterfully designed theft which even left Sherlock baffled. It isn't very often that Holmes is stumped, so this was another amazing treat.

Throughout the case, Sherlock and Joan's relationship felt stronger than ever, especially when it bled into her family life. I have been hard on her character too, but her mother's remark that she was just a babysitter was really cruel, especially coming from her mother. Although, if it wasn't for her mothers strong opinions, Sherlock's intervention at the family dinner wouldn't have felt so amazing. Sure he took back most of it during the ride hope to Joan, but he really opened her family's eye to the role of the Sober Companion, and Joan's strengths as a whole. I really like that they all see her passion of detective work too, which should help ease her transition to Sherlock's official apprentice in the coming episodes.

There were even more treats for Sherlock Holmes' fans throughout this episode, specifically for fans of the original stories. The mention of the master thief, Le Chevalier, which was mentioned briefly in "A Study in Scarlet", was a neat twist, but the quotes from the original stories scattered amongst "The Leviathan" will have the most meaning. It is these lines that connect the characters in ways that their actions never will, so I hope that we will see many more of these quotes woven into the script as the series unfolds, with as few repeats as possible.

Johnny pulls off the axe murderer role very well, even when it's a machine.

I also really enjoyed how they handled the return of the stolen merchandise, especially the painting. Sherlock borrows lots of evidence without permission in this series, but he really needs to indulge himself more often. Situations, like the one they found themselves in, shouldn't happen very often, but it shouldn't mean it will never happen again. Perhaps Sherlock can wear a royal crown at home for a day or two after he liberates it, before reuniting it with its owner of course.

The only thing I think that could have made this episode any better, and this has me conflicted due to my dislike of cliffhangers, was to reveal that a hidden master criminal was behind the robbery, making the criminal they caught only a pawn. Perhaps I'm just itching for a Moriarty-type character to be introduced.

Cliffhanger or no, this episode was an amazing way to start the winter break, and it is definitely my favourite episode yet. Everyone involved did such an amazing job. Thankfully we only have to wait three weeks for Elementary to return.


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