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You Do It To Yourself

Season 1, Episode 9 Aired: 2012-12-06

Elementary: You Do It To Yourself Episode Review

The Cure For What Ails You

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


Our poor Sherlock got a wee bit of sniffle this week, but that only appeared to strengthen his resolve to solve an insanely well designed case.

This case seemed too easy at the beginning. Killer caught on camera, easily found due to him being a career criminal, and a confession within a few seconds of his interrogation. It would have been one of the quickest murder cases that department had if it wasn't for him just being the weapon.

I really liked that the person behind the whole thing wasn't even on their radar. It was almost perfectly planned, only executed wrong by the tool. If it wasn't for Sherlock's relentless conviction, and a little help from his companion, the deceased would have gotten his dying wish.

Speaking of dying... Sherlock doesn't look too good.

Captain Gregson must be getting very tired of Sherlock giving them solid suspects, only for him to quickly prove they weren't guilty. So far this series, the police would have charged at least a dozen innocent people for crimes they never committed if it wasn't for Holmes. I really makes you wonder how frequently these mistakes happen.

They mentioned that Sherlock wasn't paid to do the work he does, but how about some gratitude. He doesn't even get a thank you from the innocent or victims and is frequently treated like a fool by the detectives he is helping. I know he is doing for himself, and the Captain has thanked him on occasion, but some significant recognition once in a while couldn't hurt.

After the character slip-up last episode, Joan was back on her feet again and ready to do her own detective work. She has proven that she has what it takes to be a detective in the past, and again so in this episode, but she just has to see that herself. When she isn't nagging, she is a great partner for Sherlock. I am sure that if her mentor would show that her gifts are profitable, she may take continuing in the line of work more seriously.

The amazingly well-written and executed case was enough to make "You Do It To Yourself" a great episode, but with the smarter Watson back in action too, this episode easily became one of the shining examples of how this series can do things right.



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