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You Do It To Yourself

Season 1, Episode 9 Aired: 2012-12-06

Elementary: You Do It To Yourself

Episode Plot

Sherlock uses his trademark deductive reasoning skills to find the killer of a college professor, Meanwhile, Watson gets a call from a former lover who needs her help.

Starring Cast

Jonny Lee Miller

Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu

Joan Watson

Aidan Quinn

Captain Thomas Gregson

Jon Michael Hill

Detective Marcus Bell

Adam Rothenberg

Liam Danow

Kristy Wu


Cameron Scoggins

Brendan O'Brien


Episode Quotes

Joan Watson: This might be a good time to remind you that the NYPD doesn't actually pay you to consult.

Sherlock Holmes: Watson, you should know by now, boredom is far more dangerous to my health than any fever.

Detective Bell: Thought you could take a look before we wrap up the scene, but that was before I knew you were dying.

Liam: What's the old saying, "Rehab is for quitters"?

Sherlock Holmes: No, I'm British, this is not tea.

Captain Gregson: Thank god for stupid people.

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