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The Long Fuse

Season 1, Episode 8 Aired: 2012-11-29

Elementary: The Long Fuse Episode Review

Explosive Twists

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Elementary has finally begun delivering great cases for Sherlock to solve, and this week is no different.

The constantly twisting story was very well done. It started off simple enough, but every time the police were ready to call it a done day, Sherlock would find a new interesting twist in the case. It was a bit odd that he would pull on a new thread each time the old one ran out, instead of multiple treads at once, but I can imagine that would have been a bit too difficult to write it any other way with a case this complex, not to mention keeping the viewer from getting lost during it.

There were still issues that are still painfully common in modern police dramas.

Apparently the police are still lazy and are only looking for the first way out. That seem to be the difference between the police and Sherlock in this series; the police are looking to solve the case quickly and Sherlock is looking to solve the case correctly. In this case they were all guilty of something, sure, but that hasn't always been the case.

I am also surprised that the true criminal this week willingly allowed Sherlock to access their records, without a warrant, which lead him on the path that ended that person's career. It is one thing to reveal records to keep up appearances, but it might have been wiser not to hand over the biggest clue. Although it is funny when criminals cause their own fall on TV.

It's also really funny when the heroes experiment with explosives.

Lab results also came back amazingly fast. I guess it must have been a slow week and they didn't have anything else to do.

There were many things that were a refreshing change though. The exploding tennis ball tests were fun, the accurate bomb building and debris were enlightening, the proper side-effects of having a wall burial was impressive, and their VHS tape knowledge was outstanding. Most people have likely forgotten what VHS is, not to mention with how its security features worked. It is obvious the writers really did their homework.

The second story of the episode was a huge disappointment. During the last few weeks, Watson appeared to have an interest in Holmes, and was doing what she could to learn more about him, but now she is eager to run away and let someone else handle him. It wouldn't be a Holmes story without a Watson, so unless they are planning on replacing her with a relative, I think it is safe to say she isn't going to go anywhere. Also, I thought she was beginning to enjoy the thrill of working on the police cases with Sherlock, but this time she was disgusted by them again. Why the sudden change?

This entire story may have been salvaged if Holmes actually took him on a sponsor; I think they would have made a neat pair. They had a great common ground, and unlike Joan, he probably would have played along with Holmes' cases without a complaint.

I really enjoyed the main story of "the Long Fuse", even with its police drama clich├ęs, but the B-story was terrible. I hope they lose the companion story soon so we can get into a better relationship between Sherlock and his partner.


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