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One Way to Get Off

Season 1, Episode 7 Aired: 2012-11-15

Elementary: One Way to Get Off Episode Review

Of Bees and Family

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

After the big tease last episode, I expected big reveals into the past, but not in the way it unfolded.

I figured dropping Irene's name was too good to be true, but I am still disappointed that we didn't even get a flashback... so far. I am still hopeful that we will get something in the future episodes as mentioning her then dropping it so quickly will divide fans even more.

The relationship between Watson and Holmes is off to shakier restart than I expected. Didn't Watson learn anything from Alistair last episode? Perhaps she will be done digging into his past and just concentrate at learning about him in the present. They are obviously two different people from what we now know.

I am glad that she was able to put to together that Sherlock would have opened up to the gardener at the rehab center at least. Most people would have completely missed it, and likely she would have if he wasn't tending to bees at the moment she was outside talking to another person (talk about timing). At least we now know where he got his hobby from.

The protégé finds the mentor bee.

The case this week was amazing, although I am sure Captain Gregson hated the pressure Sherlock was putting on his case, especially since Holmes wasn't hiding the evidence of corruption. In ways I am glad it wasn't the Captain that actually did it, but adding shades of grey to his character wouldn't have hurt either. Very few are as noble as the captain has been out to be.

There was only one problem with the case, but it was minor. How didn't the boy realize that picking up after dad would lead to his own arrest? He obviously had good schooling, since he was able to teach the original killer how to read at an advanced level, so I would have expected him to understand the ramifications of his actions.

Overall, "One Way to Get Off" was a great episode, despite the few disappointments.


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