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Lesser Evils

Season 1, Episode 5 Aired: 2012-11-01

Elementary: Lesser Evils

Episode Plot

Sherlock tries to determine who has been killing weak and terminal patients at a hospital, making it look like they died of natural causes. Meanwhile, Sherlock learns more about Joan's decision to walk away from her surgical career.

Starring Cast

Jonny Lee Miller

Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu

Joan Watson

Aidan Quinn

Captain Thomas Gregson

Jon Michael Hill

Detective Marcus Bell

David Harbour

Dr. Baldwin

David Costabile

Danilo Gura

Ben Rappaport

Dr. Cahill

Jenni Barber

Jacqueline Zoltana

Anika Noni Rose

Dr. Carrie Dwyer


Episode Quotes

Sherlock: Bit odd, I know. Postmortem bruising experiments are more of a third-date activity.

Sherlock: Now help me roll this one over so I can try a choke hold.

Joan: Just be glad the captain got here when he did; you could've ended up in the psych ward.

Sherlock: And what's your role here? Do you reach things off high shelves for this one?

Sherlock: These coffee orders, the Magna Carta is less complicated.

Sherlock: Kelty was blind from his tumour, remember? For all he knew, his visitor could have been a circus clown.

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