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The Rat Race

Season 1, Episode 4 Aired: 2012-10-25

Elementary: The Rat Race Episode Review

A Lapse of Judgement

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

This week has some great advancements in Watson's character, but unfortunately it had the weakest plot so far. I also hate any episode that begins near the end, then starts earlier in the story for dramatic effect.

For the first time, Joan Watson is showing signs that she may be getting the hang of detective work since she can now spot clues in other people's emotions, which helped her find out her date wasn't everything he said he was. Sadly that was as far as it went. It is a start though, and perhaps one which will be built upon over the next few episodes.

It was also great that Holmes and Watson are finally starting to know each other... until the complete reversal anyway. Does Joan really believe that Sherlock is that weak that he would relapse so quickly? If she would have gone to Tobias under the fear that something bad happened to him it would have felt much more believable. Also, she was NEVER to reveal what her client is going through! She should have lost her job for that.

Sadly this isn't where the misery ended. Back to Joan's date, why would her friend set her up with a married man? Even with the whole staged marriage to help out a friend made him feel more like a creep than a humanitarian.

Shh! The salad is speaking to me!

The main plot was also very weak since the case felt like a make-work project. If no one noticed something after four deaths, what the hell do we have police detectives for? Bell didn't help by putting Sherlock down, even after all the past cases he helped with, and didn't even want to run tests on the salad, which any real cop would have had checked. According to this series, the New York Police force is full of bubbling idiots and they need an external consultant to do their work.

Even when writing this review I find myself still angry about Sherlock getting captured so easily. This is a man who can see the truth in anyone with just a glance, but he didn't notice a taser? Come on! I don't want to see him captured again unless he is overwhelmed by a group of people or some ingenious villain.

Please lose the insane abbreviations when texting too. I would expect Sherlock to use complex words in texts, not ridiculous abbreviations.

"The Rat Race" was by far the worst episode of the series. This should be an example to writers of what to avoid doing in future episodes.


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