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Child Predator

Season 1, Episode 3 Aired: 2012-10-18

Elementary: Child Predator Episode Review

No sleep and no food makes Sherlock a dull boy

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

"Child Predator" is the first Elementary episode that actually felt closer to a Sherlock Holmes case than the average modern police drama. It had mystery, lots of clues, and multiple twists, although it also had a more whiny Watson.

What in the hell was Ms Watson thinking when she starting asking Sherlock questions during an interview with a witness? Couldn't she pick a better time, like after the interview? I absolutely hate it the way she is constantly at his ear whining about something. Watson was never one who I would have called annoying, but yet Lucy Lui's character has become just that. I hope that once his probation is over she will nag less and help more. Perhaps she can start a twitter or facebook account to document his work.

The rest of the case was fantastic. There was still the issue of us not seeing all the clues, and sometimes they pointed out the clues to make them far too obvious, but there were so many that it made up for it. The best part was when he started piecing together clues from the beginning at the very end, after the first twist. This is something I would normally only expect from a Holmes story... and rarely Nancy Drew.

Just think of the cases these two solved together

Unlike the previous episodes where the twists were obvious, we were treated to a few more elaborate ones this week. I suspected that the boy was going to be part of it in some way, but I never though it would go so far, especially after we were left to believe the case was finished.

Sherlock's dad hasn't been talked about too much yet, other than him forcing Watson down his throat. If Holmes would trade his dad for a Tic Tac, (nice product placement by the way) he must have done a lot to sully his son's relationship with him, or Sherlock just loves Tic Tacs that much. Perhaps he favours the other son more or something.

Captain Gregson was also put into a position that no one would want to be in, unless you were a jerk. I know that parents are always self-centered, so doing what he needed to was really brave and heroic. It takes a certain type of person to make the tough decisions like that. Selfishness is something that the world can do without.

This entire case was great, although I do hope we start getting some long drawn out cases too. So far they have been all short-lived, this one did have a timer though, but in reality most cases drag on for months or years. I would love it if they would introduce a case at the beginning of an episode, one that even Sherlock couldn't figure out right away, then proceed to other cases for several episodes, while still placing small clues of the larger case along the way. It may confuse a few viewers, but it will make the reveal worth it for most.

So far this series has been slowly patching up the premiere's mistakes, but there is still a lot that needs to be addressed. I just hope they address Watson next.


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