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While You Were Sleeping

Season 1, Episode 2 Aired: 2012-10-04

Elementary: While You Were Sleeping Episode Review

Missing the Mystery

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Sherlock Holmes is always about a great mystery, but even though the case in “While You Were Sleeping” was better than the Pilot episode's, it still didn't feel all that great, and the character chemistry needs lots of work.

This case had many more twists, but it was still too easy and predictable. Unlike the characters of the story, I knew who the murderer was very early on just by the clues we already had. The problem was that once they got to her the clues just stopped. The last half of the episode was just wasting time and pouting.

It was nice to have some character building during the off-time, although can we please pick a direction! They flipped between friends and forced companions so many times that it broke their relationship. It was as if part of their dialogue was written by one person, then another wrote the other half without any knowledge of what the other writer already built. If they want tension between them find something substantial for them to work out, or don't bother and just let them build a friendship naturally.

There were a few parts that they did do well on, and we need more of them in the future. More Violin playing, less beekeeping. The lock picking can stay though. The addict recognition and bonding was also very well done. The random acts of destruction, like lighting his violin on fire so he feels likes Jimi Hendrix, are definitely a must.

Nothing like lighting a string instrument on fire to get the adrenaline pumping.

Although there are just as many things that they need to change. The writers need to stop letting Watson figure out the puzzles before Sherlock does. Dr. Watson is his apprentice, and if she can already find things the police can't after being with Holmes for a few days, there is something really wrong with the police. Also, don't have her slow down Sherlock all the time so she can keep up.

We also need clues, lots and lots of clues. Clues are essential for this type of story, and without them it is just CSI. When he solves a case, he should have to go through a long list of clues that brought him to his conclusion; clues that we saw too. Just don't make them so painfully obvious by pointing the camera at them for a few seconds. Just have them in the room as the camera pans around while he is investigating, then flash back to the scenes when the case is solved. This is also a great way to save film.

In this episode, there was only a few clues, and we didn't even see all of them. When Sherlock solved the case while attending an “addict festival”, it would have been a great time to bring the viewers up to speed. Flash through his memories to show us what clues he used to solve it, but don't show who it is right away. Give the viewers time to process the information, even doing it just before a commercial would work. The best part of a good mystery is letting the audience be a part of it.

This series still has a long way to go before it can be really considered a Sherlock Holmes series. We have to wait 2 weeks for the next one, which hopefully gives the writers enough time to polish up the future episodes.


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