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Minute Of Silence

Season 3, Episode 9 Aired: 2014-05-25

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Continuum: Minute Of Silence Review

Time and Knowledge

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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After everything that was happening before the loss of Betty, I was sure that Dillon had something to do with it. All the pieces were there – his continued distrust in her, the constant push to hunt Liber8 instead of the real target, the transmitter in the precinct, and then disconnecting her ankle tracker just before the attack – all made it feel like he was involved. Since we don't know who was giving these men their orders, it still could be Jack, but if it is, he's doing a damn fine job at hiding it.

If it isn't Dillon in charge of this attack, who is really behind it? We know it isn't Liber8 – they are actually helping solve this riddle – and the Freelancers wouldn't steal technology, so might a new third party be revealed soon? With so much going on already, I'm not too sure if the series could support yet another powerful faction, while still maintaining the others.

On top of dealing with the present day headaches, a new mysterious time traveller was also introduced. We don't know his name yet, so we'll just call him John. Who this John is, when he comes from, and his purpose in the past, are yet another giant riddle that will surely become one massive game-changer. Who could this man be, and why does he know Kiera, or her name anyway? She feels that she can trust him, so I'm guessing she is from her past/future/whatever. Could he be her son, Sam, all grown up? That would explain the odd sense of familiarity Kiera has. I'm surprised that he fancy tech wouldn't be able to pick up the facial features if that's the case, though.

Why hello there, whoever you are. Please don't kill anyone we like.

Maybe he's the person the Freelancers were holding, and they released him after staging an accident to keep an eye on her. This option feels like more of a long shot since it doesn't explain the trust she has in him. So, if it isn't her son, and if he's not a freelancer, I guess he could be just about anyone, including just some schmuck who found himself at the wrong place in the wrong time periods.

Regardless, at least it appears that Kiera will finally have a friend who she can fully relate to. Sure, she was able to share her feelings and experiences with Alec and Carlos, but it's obvious the neither of them ever really understood what she was going through, nor how to help her fit in. Plus, with Carlos and Alec moving further away from her, John could be exactly what she needs right now.

I thought I was going to like the idea of Alec knowing Carlos' secret burden, but instead it only proved how corrupted Piron's Alec really is. I just can't believe that he would betray Carlos like that, and mutilate the body of his old friend just to steal technology. If this doesn't make Kiera abandon this Alec and head to the Freelancers to save the other Alec, I don't know what will. I'm sure Kellog will be happy to have the other Alec back, too.

Anyone else miss the friendly tech genious we saw in the first two seasons?

Just when I thought that Kellog was going to successfully maneuver his way back into Alec's life thanks to Jason, Alec pulls this rabbit out of his hat. He is definitely becoming the dark and ruthless Alec we saw in Kiera's time much faster than even I expected. With the hostile takeover by Piron, there won't be much left of Sadtech for Alec to return to when his project fails. Of course, doesn't Kellog need to accept the offer for it to go through? I just can't see Matthew allowing Piron to control it.

At this point, the story is getting so complex that we might need to start creating out own wall of events just to piece together who is teamed up with who and working toward what goal. I know many viewers were getting confused before, but by now I'm sure some may be getting ready to give up. If you are, I would recommend to hold on a bit longer. Knowing how well this series' writers tie things together, I'm sure things are about to make a lot more sense soon. After all, who doesn't love advancing the plot by moving sideways?


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