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Minute Of Silence

Season 3, Episode 9 Aired: 2014-05-25

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Continuum: Minute Of Silence

Episode Plot

Kiera and Carlos, reeling from a shocking loss, hunt down a ring of enigmatic high-tech thieves, even as a handsome, yet distant amnesiac begs for help in discovering his identity.

Episode Quotes

Kiera Cameron: Betty paid the heaviest price for her convictions.

Carlos Fonnegra: I just can't carry the load anymore.

Alec Sadler: Why, is someone lying about who they are, Kiera? That would be terrible.

Alec Sadler: What's this?
Matthew Kellog: Karma, by way of sharks in suits.

Kiera Cameron: I don't know why I trust you, but for some reason I do.

Alec Sadler: You don't move in straight lines, Kellog. You never have.

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