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So Do Our Minutes Hasten

Season 3, Episode 8 Aired: 2014-05-11

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Continuum: So Do Our Minutes Hasten Review

Changing Horses

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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With Kiera finally opening her eyes last week, there were bound to be a few surprises, but, hey, this is Continuum; surprises are what these writers do.

The big shift to Liber8 was a given after what we knew, so there wasn't any surprise there, right? Ha! Of course there was. Of course it wasn't just going to be Kiera knocking on Liber8's door and offering to help, so things had to go a little sideways first, and when things go sideways, people tend to die.

Garza's in the episode, of course people die.

Who was doing the killing was the huge shift, though. According to all the propaganda, Liber8 are the murderers and terrorists, but what are these monster corporations then? Poisoning a room full of people, blowing up buildings and assassinating people all sound like terrorism to me. Of course, we're meant to believe that corporations just see it as "just good business".

What's the most surprising thing about the attack is that Dillon seems to be involved. I still can't believe that Jack would set up one of his own and start killing innocent people to further his own goals. I highly doubt this is the same man who we knew before. What the hell did Piron do to him, or is this just further proof of the corrupting nature of corporations? Sure, it's possible that his actions are related to his hatred for Liber8, but he hasn't proved to be the trustworthy type lately.

With the sudden shift in Dillon's attitude, I was really hoping to see Betty, Carlos and Kiera work together against the police, especially after them bonding so well at the end. Seeing them around that table sharing their opinions felt like the beginning of something huge! Well, things are definitely going to take a drastic shift after this. I almost feel sorry for Dillon at this point; he is going to be on the receiving end of some serious suffering. I did say "almost".

I'm going to miss this dream team.

Alec's direction is heading down a completely different path, though. It appeared that he was getting more evil in the past few episodes, but, since his double was tossed out of the picture, he's back to working on good things again. With the way things are still moving toward a similar future from where Kiera originates from, his failure here could be what creates the SadTech of the future. There is one hiccup, though; if he fails here, I doubt he will be allowed to keep his product designs and release them at SadTech. We all know how companies are with their "intellectual property".

But what if that is what Kellog and his new best friend has planned? What better way to destroy the future they came from than completely ruin Alec's reputation and take away all of his inventions. Nah, I doubt even Kellog would stoop that low. Honestly, I can't figure out what Matthew really has planned, and now Curtis is yet another unknown variable working with this shady unknown variable, so the results will surely be mind warping.

Are they working with Liber8 again? I wouldn't be surprised. Liber8 is definitely been branching out with a massive recruiting drive, so it makes sense. Most of the group is already back together, and even the poster boy is heading back, so why not reassemble the old team again?

One of their latest recruits may become a headache for them, though, unless Kiera or Carlos figures it out in time. They obviously suspect Dillon's up to something, especially since he didn't even flinch at the news, but will they pass it on to their new friends? Hell, are they even going to be welcomed back to the department? Jack obviously knows they are starting to suspect something, so maybe they will return to a matching pair of handcuffs. That does sound like the new Dillon, doesn't it?

I still can't believe what happened at the end. Are you in shock from the latest death, too? Do you think Dillon's days are numbered? When do you think someone will spring the other Alec from his cage?

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