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Waning Minutes

Season 3, Episode 7 Aired: 2014-05-04

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Continuum: Waning Minutes Review

A Blast To the Future Past

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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With so much of the story focused here in our present, we often forget that so much happened in the future to get to this point. Thankfully, we have flashback episodes like Waning Minutes to show us the way.

Leading up to this episode, there was plenty of chatter online from fans unsure that an episode taking place in the past - or let's call it the future past - would work, but when has Continuum's flashbacks ever steered us wrong? Sure, there were lots of other shows that failed miserably at this type of episode, but other series, like Arrow, and now Continuum, are shining examples of how it is done right.

There were so many things to enjoy about this episode, but the return of a couple long dead characters will certainly be the most memorable.

Nothing like sitting around a campfire and sharing your great victories.

It's amazing how the great and powerful leader knew exactly what to say to everyone, even if it could take years for his words to make sense to them. I'm almost wondering if he has some type of gift that allows him to see the future. I doubt this isn't the last we see of him, but I have high hopes that his demise was exaggerated. Who knows, maybe that is who they have behind the Freelancer's locked door.

The other returning character, Stefan, we didn't get to know very well before he was killed, but after this I hope he gets out of his cage and returns to the fight. The banter between Kiera and Stefan was both hilarious and educational. I think we learnt more about Kiera and Stefan in the first ten minutes than we have this entire series, then it just kept building more during the rest of the episode.

Thanks to everything we have learnt, Kiera's recent choices are actually making more sense, too. Her divided goals have been just that better part of her waking up for a few moments until the corporate programming took back over. Now that she seems to have finally opened her eyes, her choice with Alec may have just been her darkest step before she headed back toward the light.

But what does this mean for prisoner Alec? Will she spring him? I really hope she does. Heck, she might even be helping Liber8 after this, which would be a massive shift in the story. I can just imagine the look on Piron Alec's face if he finds out that Kiera is suddenly working to take him down.

Look out Alec, she might be coming after you next.

Of course, knowing Kiera, she could go off on a completely new direction that involves Carlos and Betty. Since these three have the most chemistry, I hope, regardless of her future, that they three do stick together.

We still don't know how Alec turned into someone without any conscience, though. A flashback episode of his past is unlikely, unless it involves Jason, so we might never find out. It's just hard to believe that even Piron's Alec could evolve into a man who doesn't care about the loss of lives. Just what happened to that man?

At least we know that Greg had a part of reigniting his conscience and helped start him down the path that left Kiera in their past. That would certainly explain his role in the false execution, and why he seemed to know so much about what was going on. In a way, Greg is very similar to Kagame, only he used words and knowledge to begin changing Alec instead of violence. I'm curious, if Kiera's "death" sparked this change, or did it just give him the courage to speak his mind?

Even though most of this episode took place in the future past, the impact on the present day story will be tremendous. Add Chen into the equation and I predict an exponential increase of chaos in the future with lower than expected profits for the corporations.


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