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Wasted Minute

Season 3, Episode 6 Aired: 2014-04-27

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Continuum: Wasted Minute Review

Acts of Betrayal

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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Kiera has shown us several times that she isn't a hero, but this time she may have crossed a line that puts her at a level that most Liber8 members haven't dared to cross. Actually, it might even be beyond Sonya's attempted assassination of Travis.

He has been her friend since the beginning, and all he wanted was to be with the woman he loves. Since Kiera has the same goal – to return to her family – she has essentially shown that she believes her wants are more important than anyone else's. Oh, and there's her willingness to put the world through the horrors that is the corporate congress, even after what she has learnt.

But didn't she already show this last season? Yes and no. When she sacrificed Emily last season, she didn't really know her, not like Alec. There's a big difference from sacrificing someone she barely knew and betraying her best friend.

I'm sure there are some who wished she wasn't immunized. A veiny Kiera zombie would have been fun!

So, who are the real heroes in Continuum? At this point, it's obvious there aren't any. Everyone is just out for their own selfless reasons, with their own mistakes, sacrifices, and the occasional good deed. Wait, isn't that exactly what Simon Barry created at the beginning? Well... yes, but there was still this lingering perception that Kiera was still a good and noble person, which has just been tossed into the winds of time. Now no one is good; just different shades of grey.

Well, except for maybe Carlos; that man seems to be a saint trying to help others. Sure, he's a little confused at times, but he appears to be the only person who is following a high moral standard. Plus, with the world turning more and more corrupt around him – especially in the police department – he seems to be the only one willing to step up for citizens' rights and what the common people would see as good.

Sure, he might be giving Betty a tough time, but I think it's just because some part of him agrees with what she has done, and he doesn't like it. He is still trying to believe that the VPD is the right thing, but as that wall slowly breaks down, he is noticing that he might be on the wrong side. Will he believe that Julian is the right side again? The signs are there to make it happen, but I think something big will have to push him to make that leap. Could the truth about Dillon's daughter become that catalyst?

I also can't wait to see how well he reacts when he finds out what Kiera has done to Alec. I can't see him betraying anyone like she did, so I doubt he will approve of her actions and will feel that it proves that this isn't HIS Kiera.

Actually, I can't wait to see how Emily reacts. She is definitely going to blame the other Alec, so he is certainly going to be on the receiving end of some pain. It isn't going to stop there, though. Once she finds out it is Kiera who betrayed her love... Let's just say she better be wearing her super-suit.

Someone doesn't look too comfortable with his ex anymore.

Liber8 is even looking more heroic lately. Sure, they are still taking some extreme measures at times, but instead of waging war, they are laying the foundations to prevent them. It's definitely getting more difficult to label them terrorists if all they are doing is exposing dirty corporate secrets and creating cures for future bioweapons. Maybe it's time to change the story's point of view over to their fight instead.

Wasted Minute was definitely an eye opening episode. With the line between good and bad barely distinguishable at this point, who are you cheering for? Is it Kiera and her journey to return home at any cost, Liber8's goal to prevent the corporations from ruling the world, Theseus' mandate to free the minds of the people so they can see the corruption for themselves, Alec's vision of a advanced future, the other Alec's wish to be with the woman he loves, Dillon's vision of a militarized police force, Kellog's ambition to do... whatever it is he is doing, the Freelancer's mandate to guide the tree of time's growth to their preferred future, or Carlos' confused heart of gold? I'm sure I missed one, or two, so feel free to add to the options, too.


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