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30 Minutes To Air

Season 3, Episode 5 Aired: 2014-04-13

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Continuum: 30 Minutes To Air Review

Now That's A News Story

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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Liber8 may have been MIA last week, but that was only because they were obviously planning this week's awesome event.

Who would have thought that the news media could be owned and operated by a corrupt corporation. Oh, wait, Showcase is owned by the much hated Shaw, which I think is being run out of the Fourth Circle of Hell, or maybe from the Eight? It's hard to tell some days.

Honestly, I've always believed the news media to be corrupt organizations who use real events to spin their own beliefs on the public, so this episode's story was very believable. Heck, as far as we know, a weapons manufacturer has been running the CBC for years – which would certainly explain where all our tax dollars went.

Liber8 finally figured out how to make a real news story!

I really want to know what dirty secrets they have been gathering through their communication satellites, though. I would think that huge corporations that involved in dark secrets would smart enough to use secure transmissions for their super-secret projects while talking about non-existent plans by email. I would be so funny if Liber8 tried to use fake information against the corporations. Although, if the juicy details they obtained are true, they better not leak this knowledge to a certain young woman or Piron might be ready for whatever they have planned.

But, will daddy's girl get twisted against her father, or will she stick to the plan? This family twist was likely the biggest shock in the whole episode. I knew Jack (isn't it nice to finally know his first name?) was shifting into a more vicious man, but this might just bring him to Liber8's standard of mentality. Sacrificing his own officers is one thing, but using his own flesh and blood is so Travis-like.

Actually, the similarities between Travis Verta and Jack Dillon are incredible. If they were only on the same side, I'm sure they would be the best of friends. Even with their adrenaline pumping as they were pointing weapons at each other they probably knew this to be true. Why else would Travis spare his life? If only there was a way to get Jack to realize he's fighting on the wrong side... Maybe once Liber8 crushes Piron things will be different.

What a perfect day to put your own daughter in jail.

Why is Emily's Alec so far behind Piron's Alec? I would think that when they met Future Alec would have changed the lockouts on SadTech's computers since Piron wouldn't need them. I also thought that he would have created his own bank account by now, too. If the one with power doesn't start playing nice, I can completely see Emily and the other Alec joining Liber8 just to take the corporate Alec and his company down. Maybe it will be Alec versus Alec in the season finale, and only one will survive. I highly doubt Simon Barry will give us the choice of who wins this time, though.

It also sounds like Scar Alec (there are so many names to call him) is about to learn who Emily killed from a certain two-faced jerk. Will he be upset? Since we know how he felt about his father, he might be a shocked, and a little grumpy, but I think he will probably forgive her. Who knows, maybe he will ask her to assassinate himself. After the conversation Kiera just had, I doubt she would be upset with his choice, either.

We still don't know who killed Kiera, though. At this point, I'm beginning to doubt that it was Emily. She had a damn good reason to take out Escher, but Kiera never posed much of a threat for her. But if not her, who else had been in the lab? If it was anyone from Liber8 that place probably would have been a disaster. Could it have been a certain freelancer who wanted to make sure there was only one Kiera?

On the topic of the Freelancers, what do you think is behind that door? I think it's probably the real person in charge of their group, but who? Wouldn't it be a surprise if Kiera's family is waiting for her to complete her job just behind that door?

I can't believe how fun 30 Minutes to Air was. All that action, mystery, character building and those jaw dropping twists were incredible. With so much excitement this week, it's a shame we have to try to hold it steady through the Easter weekend. I love that Continuum airs on Sundays here in Canada since there isn't much competition, but it also makes it much more susceptible to holidays. Oh well, more free time for us to work on our own time travel technology, right?


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