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Minute Changes

Season 3, Episode 4 Aired: 2014-04-06

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Continuum: Minute Changes Review

The More Things Change...

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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This episode was originally titled Minute Changes Everything.


Did your mind break after watching Minute Changes? Yeah, it was definitely that kind of episode.

Time travel stories are normally the worst for giving viewers headaches, but this episode twisted everything we think we knew about many of the major characters and their destiny. It sounds like that would be fun, but I seem to be having a hard time wrapping my head around it all, even after rewatching it a few times.

The main problem is that the story seems to be bouncing back and forth between character directions so much that it is extremely difficult to comprehend what exactly is going on. Carlos and Betty's changes are bad enough, but Kiera seems to have just committed to preserving the timeline with the Freelancers, but now she's back to polluting it again. I guess making her flip-flop like this shows how she is battling her morals while doing what she needs to so she can return home one day, but it is isn't coming across all that well. Instead, it's almost like we are seeing two different Kieras, even though we are constantly reminded that the other one was killed. I'm starting to feel as conflicted as Carlos.

At least the headache that is the two Alecs is explainable. It's almost difficult to imagine that the naive boy we knew before was so quickly twisted into Escher 2.0. What happened to his beliefs that drove him to make a better future last year? It's kind of ironic that the one who everyone called Darth Alec is now the good Alec now that this timeline's Alec just dove into the Dark Side so deep that he is starting to sound more like a certain emperor. Would that make Dillon the new Vader?

In just a few episodes he will sit upon a throne overlooking the city through a large round window.

Now that Emily has chosen her Alec, I'm sure we will see the two Alecs in an even more defined contrast. She has always brought out the best in Alec, so I doubt that will stop any time soon.

I can't wait until Kiera finds out the great news! Piron will continue strong under a new leader while Sadtech continues to be built by the other Alec. Maybe she won't have to kill one after all. Ha, like the evil Alec would ever allow that to happen. I can see a hostile takeover coming real soon!

I can see it now...
Light Alec: Your overconfidence will be your undoing.
Dark Alec: And your faith in your friends will be yours.

I'm not liking the direction Betty's journey is taking, though. It feels wrong that Carlos gets to be still bumping shoulders with Julian, in a sibling rivalry sort of way, while Betty is left dangling like a bait on a wire. Why is she left holding the short straw this time? I'm still hoping something will happen to push Carlos into Theseus again, and that he will take Betty with him, but it seems far less likely at this point. More likely, Liber8 will snag Betty when she is heading home and free her from her new found slavery. If I was Betty, I would just admit what she did in front of the press conference, visit a jail for a few days, then do a Lucas-inspired jailbreak. I'm sure she could pull it off.

But why is Julian trying to create situations to implicate Kiera and Carlos? Is this his new recruitment plan, or is he just trying to get back at them for their last encounters? I'm leaning more toward recruitment, but it is getting difficult to tell at this point. Kiera did, after all, torture him last season, so it could be both.

This series has been confusing before, but it feels like it is getting harder to warp my mind around the hurdles. How about you? Are you so confused that you are beginning to question everything, or are you successfully riding this crazy ride?


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