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Minute Changes

Season 3, Episode 4 Aired: 2014-04-06

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Continuum: Minute Changes

Episode Plot

Kiera tries to free a college student trapped in a police cover-up.

Episode Quotes

Carlos Fonnegra: Lie low, otherwise the next conversation we have won't be so friendly.

Carlos Fonnegra: Enough future doom and gloom.

Alec Sadler: The heart is a feeble instrument, easily fooled.

Matthew Kellog: I've read the dossiers on these board members. There's no Kirk, there is no Picard, they barely have a Geordi.

Carlos Fonnegra: Now, whatever you suspect, before you run it up the ladder, you have to be sure of what you believe in: a slogan from 2077, or what's in here.

Alec Sadler: Wow, this is very Marty McFly right now.

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