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Minute to Win It

Season 3, Episode 3 Aired: 2014-03-30

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Continuum: Minute to Win It Review

Taking and Losing Control

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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Ah, the bank robbery -- the cornerstone plot for so many police stories, mainly because they are so exciting and unpredictable. Of course, when Liber8 is involved, we just know there'll be nothing ordinary about it.

Even with Lucas' mind being full of Edouard Kagames, it was only a matter of time that the genius would spring himself from his padded prison, but did anyone expect him to just walk right out of there without getting his hands bloody? That was just far too awesome! I do wish he kept his dog with him, though. They made a good team.

But do some people really deserve to be controlled like "things"? I can definitely see how Travis had a problem with Lucas' methods. After all, isn't that how many corporations see their employees, as dispensable things doing their bidding, then discard when they have no further use for them or they get too costly? I'm even sure that some of them would love an auto-destruct for the termination so they didn't need to worry about them giving away their secrets, or using their experience to benefit their competition. While I don't doubt that those corrupt white collared creeps deserved to be toyed around with like a puppet to show them how it feels for a change, the method of termination was way too far.

Speaking of going too far, I think Carlos needs to see a counsellor. We've seen him angry before, but he has definitely snapped this time. I guess this is a bad sign for the rest of us. If Carlos, who has been quite understanding about the whole time-travel thing up until now, begins to show signs of insanity after dealing with paradoxes, how many of us would be able to handle it? Sure, we would put on a brave face, and most of it might even make sense of most of it, but there could always be that one twist that will make us so conflicted that we will just lose control. Maybe that's what happened to Lucas, too. Wait, the sky has grass and trees and the ground is blue? Okay, maybe I'm already getting confused...

Really, Carlos is looking more lost than Lucas was at the end of season 2.

How did they get all the future technology anyway? The Freelancers stated that the latest device might be from different futures, and, heck, it might even be their existing future now as far as we know, but could its origins be even more... alien? Nah! Let's keep our tinfoil hats off and stick with time-travel. Everything is complicated enough already.

The new device might be an unknown at this point, but, to me, it almost looks like it might be some sort of cross-dimensional tuning device for time-travel. Each marking could be a key event in the time, allowing the user to pick the future they want to return to, regardless of the path they are currently on. Or it could just be some futurist message in a bottle, or a fancy paperweight as far as we know.

One thing is for certain, this season is a temporal mess compared to the first two seasons. Even The Doctor's description of time doesn't even do it justice. Could we start seeing more time-travellers from alternate realities appear with more of this future tech? That would certainly spice things up even more.

Regardless, I highly doubt the future that Kiera and Liber8 came from exists any more, especially with a certain boy genius about to take over what used to be his rival company. I guess there goes my idea of dark Alec running off with Emily to allow the other Alec to create Sadtech. Maybe dark Alec will create Sadtech to compete with his other self, now. That would certainly make things even more interesting.

There is something bothering me about Piron's tech, though. While I can see the idea of them still playing around with growing body parts is understandable (and could explain a certain former Liber8er's existence), but some of their technology is starting to look too close to what they have in 2077. Sure, some companies hold onto technology and patents for years before the public sees them, but I can't see them holding onto it for that long.

Could this be the beginning of an Escher clone?

With what – hell, after this I'm not sure which to call dark Alec anymore – the Alec from this timeline found out about Emily, something tells me she will be jumping into the other Alec's arms. I know that future Alec isn't aware of her killer background, yet, but something tells me he will be a helluva more understanding than the one now inheriting his father's stuff. Yeah, there are definitely too many Alecs.

Okay, I think I have a big enough headache with all these possibilities. I think I might need a new mind after this season of Continuum... My current one is already burnt around the edges, and things are just getting started. I wonder if I can order one from Piron to be ready for me by the end of the season?


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