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Minute to Win It

Season 3, Episode 3 Aired: 2014-03-30

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Continuum: Minute to Win It

Episode Plot

Kiera discovers what's controlling the bank robbers; Carlos' new knowledge of time travel starts to affect his work.

Episode Quotes

Kiera Cameron: Lucas is messed up.
Carlos Fonnegra: Everything is messed up around here, apparently.

Carlos Fonnegra: Wow. It looks like this is one crime they couldn't wiggle out of.

Carlos Fonnegra: Well, I don't need future chip to know he's lying his ass off.

Alec Sadler: It's like an actual mind-meld. No? Uh, it's like the Internet, but for brains.

Carlos Fonnegra: So, did you find a mattress that you think is safer.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: I may be a lying bitch, but you're an asshole.

Jasmine Garza: Three horsemen of the apocalypse, right there.

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