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Minute Man

Season 3, Episode 2 Aired: 2014-03-23

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Continuum: Minute Man Review


Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Instead of the more general review I posted last week, I'm returning to my more spoiler-centred reviews so we can debate on what everything means. But before we do that, let's get the feelings out of the way for fans who haven't seen the episode yet.

Last week's season premiere of Continuum was one jaw dropping moment after another, so it shouldn't be any surprise that Minute Man was a bit calmer, but it still packed more than enough punches to keep us entertained.

"Minute Man" was not your non-stop action-packed episode, in fact, it didn't have any fighting at all. Instead, this was your typical Liber8 episode, with all the backroom deals you have come to expect from them. Basically, if you loved most of the episodes from season two, this episode will be a welcoming treat. Throw in the ramifications of what just happened and you still get one heck of an episode!

Oh, and what an amazing new opening sequence. That whole Kiera back story opening was starting to lose its relevance, so this new futurist one is very welcome. The idea to base everything off of a wire-frame design was also a very neat idea. Artifex did a fantastic job, as usual.

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Now, on with the breakdown.

Let's start with something I really wanted to look at last week, but never did: the Continuum. If you watched the season premiere, you know that the Freelancers, or Guardians, or whatever you want to call them, think of the time continuum like a tree with different branches going into different directions. Well, it gives a neat visual representation of time, but it doesn't really feel like it works that way.

If time really is like a tree, the previous branch should have continued onwards with Alec Sadler disappearing in 2013. So what was with the whole temporal storm which was destroying Vancouver?

Do the Freelancers have technology that essentially self-destructs a timeline when it skewed away from the direction they want it to go, thus pruning the tree? Maybe they have a fail-safe in case all of their efforts to correct anomalies fail. Just press a button to use technology from the distant future to wipe everything away, then jump onto their life-raft and head back in time before everything is destroyed so they can attempt to push things on the "correct" path. Makes sense, but there is another possibility that was brought up.

Mike and Dave of the Continuum Podcast toyed with the possibility that Alec's removal just so much of a shock that the entire trunk of time was moved with him leaving all the branches to die off? How could this be possible? Maybe the invention of time travel was so dependant on Alec's existence that it created too large of a paradox. Since we still don't know everything about the Freelancers, their tech, or an in show explanation of time that fits with what happened, it is difficult to tell for sure.

I'm sure there are even more possibilities that haven't even been thought about yet, unless your name is Simon Barry or you work for him. The contradictions didn't really ruin the experience, but it did leave another huge question mark for us to think about.

And that left us with a new timeline containing two Kieras and two Alecs. Even with the loss of one of them, we have no idea what this really means. What happens if the two Alecs get together? We know that one Protector somehow bit a bullet (I guess she wasn't wearing her supersuit), so Kiera doesn't really have that problem, but Alec is another story. Unless something bad happens when they catch up to the moment they jumped back in time... But that's a headache for a future episode.

Alec watching Alec doing what he does best. That had to be weird.

Is it possible that the dark Alec (the one that jumped back a week) could run away with Emily, even after what she's done (I'll get to that in a moment), leaving the other Alec broken hearted so that he is pushed down the all too familiar path? Since we don't really know what pushed the original Alec away from love, this could actually be the timeline Kiera really came from. Got a headache yet? It gets worse.

Who is Jason's mother? Could it be Emily, or is he the result of one of his many pleasurable visitors? Because of the age of Jason when he was first tossed backwards, I'm thinking he probably was in his early twenties when this happened, making him the result of Alec's frolics the more likely possibility. That still doesn't rule out that Emily might have just died giving birth to him, or something happened to her afterwards. Heck, it could even be the offspring of Alec 2 and Emily, whom Alec 1 found out about an abducted their child. Maybe Alec 2 and Emily gave Alec 1 their son because they knew he had to go back in time to be part of their history.

Do you smell smoke? That might be just a puff that rolled out of your ears.

Of course, this all relies on Alec forgiving her for what she did to his dad, and maybe Kiera (we still don't know what happened with that one). He may have been alright with knowing what she did and who she was working for before, but killing his dad may have been a step too far. She is definitely afraid of that possibility, which Matthew typically takes advantage of. Since Alec did push them into taking action against Esher, I would say "dark" Alec would be okay, but "innocent" Alec wouldn't.

With the loss of Esher, what does this mean for Piron? Since Piron will be such a huge company in the future, and responsible for creating CPS, the loss of their leader might have just wiped any chance of Kiera's future away, unless someone else fills those shoes. We haven't met anyone else that seems important from that company yet, except for a certain member of the police who is apparently a new board member. Could this mean Dillon is more than just a lapdog of Piron? Could he even be the one who spearheads CPS, even with the loss of its original creator? Since we have no idea how much information he left behind before getting splattered across some very expensive art, it is really hard to tell where that leaves that company. Way to mess up the timeline, Alec.

Alec isn't alone in making epic-level blunders, though. Even in 2067, Kiera was making mistakes which harmed the people she cared about. The reaction from her sister and mother said it all, especially when Kiera made the deal of a lifetime. It is painfully obvious, even at this point, her family wasn't happy with the laws of the corporations, so this couldn't have been easy on them. It definitely explains how her sister got onto that doomed path, though.

Then there is the suicidal blunder that the new mayor made. I was disappointed we never got to see the aftermath of Travis and Sonya back together last season, but thanks to the second chance, we finally get to find out what happened to one of Vancouver's most corrupt mayors.

Jim Martin's end is actually quite frustrating for me. While I understand that being recorded speaking out against corporations would harm his image, and revealing some dirty secrets, the fact that it happened after he was captured leaving a police station would have lessened the impact. Sure, his backers would be cautious during the next election, but he would have been fine for years.

In fact, this should have been a bigger black eye for Inspector Dillon. He was the one that refused to give Mayor Martin an escorted ride, so he would be to blame for the whole mess, especially since he was also a key informant in taking down Liber8. Even though I missed Dillon during his short "holiday" last season, I hope that whoever takes over as the mayor gives him the boot after this mess up.

That is already lots to think about until next week's episode. Sure, Minute Man wasn't as jaw-dropping as the premiere, but I think it did a fantastic job at blowing our minds.

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