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Minute Man

Season 3, Episode 2 Aired: 2014-03-23

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Continuum: Minute Man

Episode Plot

Kiera looks into the two Alecs in one timeline; the mayor is kidnapped; and Carlos struggles with Kiera's predicament.

Episode Quotes

Kiera Cameron: You're not the only one who had to make a deal with the devil.

Carlos Fonnegra: Which one of you is my partner, my friend?

Alec Sadler: This isn't going to be about the birds and the bees, is it?

Kiera Cameron: He and I have something that you and I don't.
Alec Sadler: What's that?
Kiera Cameron: Trust.

Alec Sadler: So you're my son?
Jason Sadler: Maybe.

Sonya Valentine: If the enemy won't meet us on the battlefield, then we must bring the battlefield to them.

Jim Martin: One of you should probably just shoot me now.

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