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Last Minute

Season 3, Episode 13 Aired: 2014-06-22

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Continuum: Last Minute Review

Curiosity Kills

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson
Edited by: Peter Manse

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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What if? That's the question that sparked so many famous stories, movies, and TV series, and has always been the cornerstone of Continuum. "What if" drives us fans to the series and keeps us returning after every single mind-blowing or jaw-dropping event -- especially after those WTF moments! (Okay, maybe the amazing characters, story, and action had something to do with that, too.)

We've already seen "what if the corporations took over" and "what if the people fought against the corporations." So now it's time for a third option; let's call this one "what if Alec Sadler never released Halo and some fool triggered a time beacon." We have only seen a glimpse of it forming, but what we have seen already shows us that this might be the darkest future yet, and will likely reshape the entire series into a completely different beast.

But this episode wasn't about what was to come. It was about how they got there. I was a bit disappointed with the direction everyone took last week, especially with the loss of the two larger characters. So I was thrilled to see it was just a delay before everyone got on the right track.

Did anyone not cheer when this happened?

Actually, I was thrilled with this entire episode! Not only was everyone working together for the first time, but we also saw everyone doing what they do best. There was so much ass-kicking goodness that even characters who normally kept their hands clean got bloody. If this is a taste of what we can expect in the future... I. Am. In!

As if that wasn't enough, seeing those Chrono Legionnaires materialize and Brad yelling "Run!" made me extremely excited for what might happen next. How are they going to survive this blunder? Who knows? Maybe Kiera and Brad will end up running across the park as a blue police box materializes out of nowhere and plows into a certain lord who has arrived to save the day... Okay, maybe that one is venturing into the realm of a Fanfic (which I might write if Showcase makes a bad choice.)

Look, it's the Chrono Legionnaires from Red Alert.
Do they have weapons that can erase things from time, too?

I still have mixed feelings about how quickly the Alec (who many fans dubbed "Light Alec" at the beginning of the season) descended into villainy. His "boy-on-a-farm" speech almost made it appear that I may have been wrong about him. But the scene on the rooftop said it all: this Alec was completely corrupted. Was it working with Piron that turned him? The loss of Emily? Or just that he hated what he learnt about his friends? Either way, it is probably a very good thing that the true Light Alec isn't going to be working with that evil corporation.

That doesn't mean I wasn't shocked when he got booted from his chair! How in the seven blazes did Kellog wrestle that much control without Alec noticing? Sure, the kid was a bit naïve in his sense of business, and Kellog is the typical evil mastermind, but did Alec not read what he was signing? This is even more confusing since we know Kellog's role in Brad's timeline. I guess Brad was right when he called him a warlord. I can't see Alec letting him get away with this, so he will likely pay for his actions -- with interest! Maybe Garza will do some work for Alec in this timeline, too.

So many questions have been answered throughout this third season. But now, with the latest "what if", we have an idea of how bad the consequences can be when asking that question. With such an amazing season finale, and a massive cliffhanger ending, I can only hope that the people in charge are smart enough to renew Continuum for at least another season. They wouldn't be foolish enough to test out the question "what if Continuum wasn't renewed", would they? Let's just say, I don't think it would be fun for anyone.

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