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3 Minutes To Midnight

Season 3, Episode 11 Aired: 2014-06-08

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Continuum: 3 Minutes To Midnight Review

Whose Future Is This?

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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After finding out that Liber8 successfully changed the future, since Brad's time was quite different from what we knew, we were left with so many new questions. But one was front and centre, and Lucas put it best when he asked "Whose future is this?"

Since Brad knew Kellog, but not Alec Sadler, I feared it was Kellog who reigned supreme in this new timeline, but it appears that all his gambling and money hoarding was all for naught. Did he bet on the wrong horses? Ha, all those horses were being ridden by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Like anyone expected the corporations to go down without a fight, right? So much for Liber8 creating a better future.

I think we've all been waiting for this moment since the very beginning!

So what does this mean for Liber8? It's done, over, finished. When I first saw everyone break up, I immediately recoiled in fear that my beloved fight against the evil CEOs was done, but I later realized that this is a very good thing. Instead of having everyone divided and trying to direct events toward their own ideal future, now we might have everyone working together to prevent the future hell from coming true. Does this mean the corporations will be able to take over again? I doubt it. In fact, I think they will have it even harder this time.

Well, as long as they can get everyone back together quickly – they will definitely need to work together this time. Sure, there will be lots of bad blood between them, but, who knows, maybe they will find that they make better friends than enemies.

Although, is this future even possible at this point? We know that Brad's actions of killing his first target will have already changed things, especially since that death put Kiera on the less selfish path that she is currently on. Instead of trying to return to her future, she has been trying to make the future a better one (as per her conversation with Brad last week). Likely this ideology will be only bolstered by the news that her future is now completely wiped out of existence. I guess Brad was accurate when he said that everyone in their future / past was now dead.

Plus, with the other Alec in the picture (the caged one), they will have yet another ace up their sleeve. Because of Kiera's earlier goals, she likely removed him from the picture earlier, and more permanently, in that other timeline, and now that she knows of her mistakes she still has time to get him back. I'm sure the Alec working at Piron is going to be pleased when Kiera betrays him yet again (although he clearly deserves it this time).

I doesn't take a CMR to tell when he's hiding something.

What is he doing that's so bad this time? As if stealing the other Protector, snagging the CMR to use in Halo, then disposing of the bodyn wasn't a good enough reason, his actions only get worse. Seriously, how can anyone in good conscience cover up such a massive flaw? It is even worse that his own son is affected by that flaw. Sure, he was hidden from the facts at the beginning, but he did nothing to stop it when he found out. To continue his evil streak, he's even disabling parts of Kiera's CMR so he can get away with it. How can he see that as being a good choice?

His lies even extend to his brother, who is obviously going to be his Achilles heel. It just isn't smart to invite someone back into your life to prove that you are doing good, then restrict them and cover up horrendous acts. I'm not too sure what's worse: his actions, or that he still believes he's going to make the world a better place. Isn't is said that the worst things always come from someone's best intentions?

I'm not sure if you noticed yet, but don't have anything to complain about, other than a certain character continuing on toward their corrupted future. 3 Minutes To Midnight is by far my favourite episode of this year and perhaps throughout this entire series. The suspense, the twists and the massive revelations make this episode the must-watch hour of this season. (Although that could be said for every episode of this series.) Jonathan Lloyd Walker (Writer), David Frazee (Director), and the rest of the entire team should all give themselves a huge hug for this one. I can easily see this episode walking away with awards next year.

I can't believe there are only two episodes left in the season. This has been one insane roller-coaster ride, but for the first time since... Actually, has the story of this series ever been as clear as it is now? I mean, Brad's reveal answers so many questions that it feels like Continuum finally has a tangible goalpost. Let's just hope that the series continues to get the green light so the writers don't have to move it. What am I worried about? Shaw Media wouldn't be stupid enough to turn Continuum fans into a real-world version of Liber8 with clear goals of destroying their corporation after they cancel their favourite series, would they? They better renew Continuum quickly if they know what's good for them.

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