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3 Minutes To Midnight

Season 3, Episode 11 Aired: 2014-06-08

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Continuum: 3 Minutes To Midnight

Episode Plot

Kiera finally learns the truth about John Doe. Alec must make a difficult choice between business and family. Liber8 is rocked to the core by new information about their mission.

Starring Cast

Luvia Petersen

Jasmine Garza

Omari Newton

Lucas Ingram

Ryan Robbins

Brad Tonkin

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol

Ian Tracey


Zak Santiago


Adrian Holmes



Episode Quotes

Carlos Fonnegra: This guy is free-falling.

Brad Tonkin: We need to act fast, sir, our future depends on it.

Kiera Cameron: You shoot the king, you gotta kill the king.

Lucas Ingram: It's like Wile E. Coyote finally catching the Road Runner.

Sonya Valentine: We won, Travis. Take it in.

Matthew Kellog: Well, look at this. We got the band back together again.

Kiera Cameron: No one controls the future. It is an ever-evolving organism free to change and adapt as it sees fit.

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