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Revolutions Per Minute

Season 3, Episode 10 Aired: 2014-06-01

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Continuum: Revolutions Per Minute Review

Flash Returns

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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There have been some huge corporations targeted by Liber8 in the past, but finally it looks like they are moving on to the little guys... Well, the little companies of the present, anyway.

I still can't believe that any pharmaceutical company would think it would be able to get away with marketing a street drug as a treatment for a disease. It is one thing for medical practitioners to find the advantages of illegal drugs, but recreating and redistributing one is just ridiculous. Someone would definitely figure it out and leak the information, so releasing any product in this fashion would be corporate suicide.

I'm not sure if the writers foolishly thought this would be a realistic scenario, or if they want us to see Gautuma as a clueless, greedy corporation, though. Since Continuum's team of writers normally don't have this problem, I'm assuming it is the latter, but I can't be certain.

I guess this company didn't do much of a background check on their new employee.

This pharmaceutical nightmare did do one thing that was desperately needed, though. Thanks to Gautuma, Dillon is finally starting to look like a good guy again. I still suspect that he had something to do with Betty's death, but at least now he is showing signs of a conscience. I just hope that his darker choices didn't paint too large of a target on his and his daughters heads. We just lost one popular character, so losing another one would be catastrophic.

Could the Piron's Alec be the next big death? It's obvious that he has made a lot of enemies this season, and now he's lost almost all his friends, too. The question is, who will take him out? Kellog is still making money off him, so I doubt he will send in the hit, but with the war Alec and Kellog started with the big CEOs, Liber8, and let's not forget Emily, there could be a line-up forming to take him out. Maybe this is why a certain someone from the future doesn't know who Alec Sadler is.

I don't understand why Alec didn't just tell Kiera about what he found out, though. I know she was angry, but I'm pretty sure that his big reveal would have calmed her down enough to possibly give him another chance. Maybe his ego has been so over-inflated recently that he just doesn't care about the "little people" any more.

I don't remember Viking funerals involving time travel.
I am also sure that spreading a dead person's DNA through space and time will have some unintended side-effects.
Who knows, maybe this is what sparked life for the first time on Earth, and why intelligent aliens are humanoid.

What was the big surprise? Apparently the walking dead man didn't kill the other Kiera after all. So much for the new character not killing anyone we like. When John (yes, we have his name, but for now he will still be John) was introduced, I feared that he was probably going to be some type of assassin from the future, and it looks like I was right. Now we need to find out who put him up to it? With how much Kiera is helping Kellog, I can't see it being him. Regardless, let's just hope that his future is gone; I don't think we want to see a future where Kellog rules the world.

Maybe John is a Freelancer from the future and working with Curtis? That means there may be multiple branches of Freelancers from different futures all trying to steer the timeline toward their preferred reality. And here I thought I had a headache after breaking down the last episode's events.

With so much being revealed to so many big players, the ramifications of this episode's events are certainly going to be huge. I wouldn't be surprised if everything we know will be turned upside down in these last episodes of the season... again.


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