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Minute by Minute

Season 3, Episode 1 Aired: 2014-03-16

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Continuum: Minute by Minute Review

Guardians of Time

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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Wow, what a season premiere, right? Many viewers complained about the lack of excitement during last year's premiere, but I can't see anyone complaining about Minute by Minute being boring. Confusing? Yeah, maybe, but definitely not boring. Of course, when you're dealing with the aftermath left by Minute by Minute, season two's finale, there aren't many ways it can be messed up.

There were so many huge questions lingering from the last episode of Continuum that we definitely needed lots of answers, and, thankfully, many of them were answered. We now know who the "Freelancers" are, what they represent, when they came from, and why they are meddling with the affairs of time travelers. We don't know how they are being resurrected, but I'm sure it will get to that eventually. We were also given a crash course in the way time-travel works, especially what happens when someone jumps into the past and change history.

We need more of this! Which part? All of it!

All that information was fantastic, but the biggest surprise was *when* the story takes us. In a way, it's sort of disappointing that many of the things we saw in the season two finale have been quickly undone, including Betty's fate that we voted on. It's like Simon Barry created Minute by Minute so the story had an ending if Continuum didn't get renewed. (Like Showcase would ever do that, right?) Sure, those events might occur again, but chances are they will be under very different circumstances. We don't want the first few episodes to be full of repeated information now, do we?

Actually, repeated information will be the one part which I can see a few viewers complaining about this time. Even though we were given plenty of new information, fights, and twists, many of them were based upon scenes we already knew about or have seen. I, for one, think the way it was done was actually quite ingenious, especially since we are dealing with time-travel. Sure, the beginning could have lost one scene because was completely repeated, but even that was minor.

Minute by Minute also pushed Kiera fall from grace forward. During the first season, and the early episodes of the second season, she seemed to be moving toward being a hero, but then her desire to return to her son slowly began to rip that possibility down as suddenly veered toward being a villain. After her choices this week she is definitely at the final crossroad. Will Kiera's love for her lost family push her to kill others to save any hope for that future, that is if she hasn't already, or will she stop looking to the past and see the present as her new home and make the best of it? We'll likely find out early in the next episode how far she has fallen.

But even if she does make the choice to save her future, could it already be too late? The amount of damage done, especially in this episode, could already have damaged that future beyond the point of repair. I think a certain assassination was already the final stone needed to wipe that branch from the tree.

What do you think might happen? Did you like the massive turn of events? (Please try to avoid spoiling too much for the unfortunate viewers who haven't seen it yet, though.)


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