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Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from the year 2077, gets dragged back to 2012 after a group of freedom fighters called Liber8 use time travel to escape their execution. Until she finds a way home, she decides to track down these escaped convicts before they cause irreparable damage to the future. She's not alone, though, as there are more pieces in play than just Liber8 -- some friendly, and some just as deadly.

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 36

Original Network: Showcase Canada

Normal Runtime: 60 Minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

Air Date and Time:
Canada Showcase: Season 3 Ended
Australia Syfy: Season 3 Ended
United States Syfy: Season 3 Ended

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Continuum Quotes

Season 3

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Season 3 Episode 1: "Minute By Minute"

Alec Sadler: Holy shit!

Curtis Chen: When is he?

Kiera Cameron: How are you alive? I killed you. I remember.

Curtis Chen: This is a war, Kiera, and every war has one thing in common with every other war.
Kiera Cameron: Death.
Curtis Chen: And sacrifice.

Kiera Cameron: The dead man tells me I'm going to get some answers.

Katherine: A hundred years after you were born, a war started... Will start. This is not a war for land or wealth, this is a war for everything. Time travel is Pandora's Box, Kiera.

Katherine: The continuum is like a tree, it can grow wild, or it can be cultivated.

Matthew Kellog: Oooh, what happened to your face?
Alec Sadler: Huh?
Matthew Kellog: Your, uh, face.
Alec Sadler: What, is it bad?
Matthew Kellog: It's actually kinda badass.

Alec Sadler: I already know what I need to know.

Kiera Cameron: I think you're all out of your minds.

Jasmine Garza: You don't mess with me, I won't mess with you.

Alec Sadler: Can't a guy admire his beautiful girlfriend?

Kiera Cameron: Stupid saved your ass.
Jasmine Garza: That time.

Kiera Cameron: Have you used it?
Katherine: No.
Kiera Cameron: Then how do you know it's safe?

Jack Dillon: Somebody's head needs to be delivered.

Alec Sadler: It's complicated.
Kiera Cameron: Really?

Matthew Kellog: I've got this sick feeling that we're both working from the same playbook.

Jasmine Garza: I won't forget this.

Season 3 Episode 2: "Minute Man"

Kiera Cameron: Try not to sell everything.

Kiera Cameron: You betrayed me, Alec.

Kiera Cameron: You're not the only one who had to make a deal with the devil.

Jim Martin: Do I have a problem that needs solving?
Gord Solomon: Well, that depends. Travis and Sonya are back together, your plot to pit them against each other seems to have backfired completely, so that could qualify, yes.

Kiera Cameron: You wanted to change things? You changed everything!

Carlos Fonnegra: Which one of you is my partner, my friend?

Alec Sadler: This isn't going to be about the birds and the bees, is it?

Jim Martin: I thought I could handle them, I was wrong.

Jack Dillon: You need to give us a taste before I agree to anything.

Kiera Cameron: He and I have something that you and I don't.
Alec Sadler: What's that?
Kiera Cameron: Trust.

Alec Sadler: What are you not telling me, Kiera?

Marco: Shit, I can't even tell you who the bad guys are anymore.

Alec Sadler: You know, I never got to know my father, I have a feeling you and I share that.

Alec Sadler: So you're my son?
Jason Sadler: Maybe.

Matthew Kellog: Just gettin' ahead of the shit storm.

Sonya Valentine: To insure change, we must strike at the heart of the problem and strike hard.

Sonya Valentine: If the enemy won't meet us on the battlefield, then we must bring the battlefield to them.

Alec Sadler: You're never going to let me live this down, are you?
Kiera Cameron: Not in this timeline.

Jim Martin: I need a ride.
Jack Dillon: So call a cab.

Kiera Cameron: I know what you did.
Matthew Kellog: I do a lot of things, you have to be a little more specific.

Matthew Kellog: Ah, that I did not see coming.

Matthew Kellog: I'm smart, I did the math.

Jack Dillon: Do you have any idea how stupid we look?

Alec Sadler: That kid knows his stuff.

Carlos Fonnegra: Ugh, an abandoned warehouse. Of course. Always an abandoned warehouse.

Jim Martin: One of you should probably just shoot me now.

Emily: I wouldn't do that if I was you.

Emily: What you need to realize is never mess with a girl who shows a propensity for deadly force.

Kiera Cameron: I believe in this war, mom. I want to make a difference.

Alec Sadler: I'm done with time travel. I'm out of the family business from this moment.

Season 3 Episode 3: "Minute To Win It"

Katherine: I value you on my team.

Lucas Ingram: Hello, come to Lucas.

Lucas Ingram: I miss the sushi.

Kiera Cameron: Lucas is messed up.
Carlos Fonnegra: Everything is messed up around here, apparently.
Kiera Cameron: I am the person you know. I am.
Carlos Fonnegra: I'll be sure to remember that.

Ann Sadler: Escher is Mark. The Mark that left us fifteen years ago, but... He is your father.

Carlos Fonnegra: Wow. It looks like this is one crime they couldn't wiggle out of.

Kiera Cameron: Liber8 always plays the long game.

Kiera Cameron: What does he bring to the party that nobody else does?
Carlos Fonnegra: The crazy.

Jasmine Garza: Can somebody tell me why a legitimate business needs to hide some its prettiest things?
Lucas Ingram: And some of its dirtiest.

Carlos Fonnegra: You do know that impeding a police investigation is a very serious offence.
Derek Richardson: And you know, that as a Fortune 500 company, we have a full complement of lawyers that can back up my truthful and helpful statement, but why go there?

Carlos Fonnegra: Well, I don't need future chip to know he's lying his ass off.

Kiera Cameron: You don't sound surprised.
Carlos Fonnegra: Well, I had that knocked out of me.

Alec Sadler: It's like an actual mind-meld. No? Uh, it's like the Internet, but for brains.

Alec Sadler: Oh, hey, Alec, you want to go out for coffee? Oh, by the way, I am your father.

Alec Sadler: You say mission, I say lie.

Alec Sadler: If you knew that, you're worse than I thought.

Carlos Fonnegra: So, did you find a mattress that you think is safer.

Alec Sadler: Emily, I travelled through time for you.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: I may be a lying bitch, but you're an asshole.

Travis Verta: Forget the cop, get the protector.

Lucas Ingram: Back off! I've got this.

Derek Richardson: What happened to him?
Kiera Cameron: The future.

Kiera Cameron: I'm disappointed in you.
Jasmine Garza: You help a girl out, you don't own her.

Carlos Fonnegra: Are you a cop or are you a terrorist? Which one are you? Which one?!

Katherine: This technology could be from a different timeline. A different future.

Kiera Cameron: There hasn't been an insurance claim for a mysterious object from unspecified future, so...

Jasmine Garza: Three horsemen of the apocalypse, right there.

Sonya Valentine: Oh, Sonmanto. You're a naughty company.

Lucas Ingram: When did you get so squeamish?
Travis Verta: When you turned men into things.
Lucas Ingram: Some men deserve it.

Derek Richardson: We're Sonmanto. We have friends everywhere.

Kiera Cameron: So your father wasn't that bad after all.

Season 3 Episode 4: "Minute Changes"

Carlos Fonnegra: About the whether -- whether people can change.

Carlos Fonnegra: Lie low, otherwise the next conversation we have won't be so friendly.

Carlos Fonnegra: And they say young people today are soft.

Jack Dillon: Maybe we get lucky and the minnows lead us to the bigger fish.

Carlos Fonnegra: Twenty bucks says the only ideology we find people steeped in is beer pong and weed.

Carlos Fonnegra: Enough future doom and gloom.

Alec Sadler: The heart is a feeble instrument, easily fooled.

Carlos Fonnegra: They have no jobs when they graduate, and now they're being kicked around for just mentioning Liber8? What's next, we're going to bust them for full sleeve tats and some ironic t-shirts?

Matthew Kellog: You need a shark to take on the sharks.

Matthew Kellog: I've read the dossiers on these board members. There's no Kirk, there is no Picard, they barely have a Geordi.

Jack Dillon: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Carlos Fonnegra: Now, whatever you suspect, before you run it up the ladder, you have to be sure of what you believe in: a slogan from 2077, or what's in here.

Nora Harris: Good thing we have such a tidy story.

Julian Randol: It takes courage to think for yourself. She did.

Diana Bolton: You have the gift, son. Wow, you are electric.

Sil Belclose: Only when they are independent are they free to ask the right questions.

Kiera Cameron: Can you imagine that, lying to your brothers and sisters in blue every day?

Kiera Cameron: When you're here, you work as normal. When you're at home, you're under house arrest.

Jack Dillon: Frontline policing is the new military.

Julian Randol: You know, some might see me as misguided, revolutionary even, but nobody -- nobody can call me a hypocrite.

Kiera Cameron: Each of us has our own responsibility to the truth.

Alec Sadler: Wow, this is very Marty McFly right now.

Alec Sadler: I am landlord of this timeline, you're a -- a squatter.

Alec Sadler: You know, if this was Star Trek, we'd fight now.
Alec Sadler: Except it isn't.

Alec Sadler: Don't push me, Alec. I've seen things you wouldn't...

Season 3 Episode 5: "30 Minutes To Air"

Tio Verta: You missed my birthday.
Travis Verta: I didn't want to, baby.

Travis Verta: Belief is the only thing that keeps me going. I'm dying to be with you both.

Carlos Fonnegra: Fermitas is one of the world's largest weapons manufacturers, like a Walmart for warlords.

Carlos Fonnegra: Civil disobedience has been around long before your friends showed up.

Curtis Chen: We've both travelled long distances, seen things other people can't know or understand. We could help each other.

Christine Dillon: Just call me a terrorist. That's what we all are to you.

Jack Dillon: Tell me you want a lawyer.
Christine Dillon: You can't be serious, dad.

Carlos Fonnegra: Wow, we're not going to be able to sweep that one under the rug.

Jack Dillon: Do I need my union rep?
Nora Harris: There's no inquisition here, Jack.
Jack Dillon: Yet.

Jack Dillon: Is this the part where I clear out my desk again?

Nicole Dillon: This will destroy her future.

Matthew Kellog: We had a deal, and this wasn't it.

Alec Sadler: We both know I'm not unique.

Diana Bolton: Especially with our revolving door of mayors. It's like the seven dwarfs lately.
Jack Dillon: Yeah, Happy and Dopey are dead. I think Grumpy's in charge now.

Nigel Barrow: Inspector Dillon here is answerable only to his corporate overlords, certainly not the people, and not the city.

Travis Verta: Kill the feed.

Alec Sadler: When did I become such a dick?

Carlos Fonnegra: There are no VIPs in a hostage situation.

Carlos Fonnegra: Do that thing that you do.

Travis Verta: You're not that guy, Inspector. You're not getting the gun, you're not saving the day.

Travis Verta: Stalling is only going to lead to something -- terminal.

Carlos Fonnegra: The weapons maker owns channel one?

Carlos Fonnegra: It's just like baiting a hook.

Travis Verta: Live to lie another day.

Diana Bolton: I even feel badly for Nigel, that's how I know I'm a wreck.

Travis Verta: Most of you think you know me, Travis Verta -- Liber8, killer, terrorist, lunatic -- and now here I am, interrupting your programming, but some programming that needs to be interrupted.

Kiera Cameron: Lucas added some 2077 into the equation.

Alec Sadler: You thought I was other me, didn't you?

Alec Sadler: Everyone's trying to protect me, but you scratch that protection and it's self-interest underneath.

Matthew Kellog: Seriously? That scotch is older than you are.

Matthew Kellog: This little do over of yours ruined my life.

Lucas Ingram: Alec Sadler won't know what hit him.

Carlos Fonnegra: Maybe we should just skip to the end when they start calling us Protectors.

Kiera Cameron: You are a leader of men, Carlos Fonnegra.

Carlos Fonnegra: Maybe there's a little hope for you after all.

Jack Dillon: Just don't go all Patty Hearst on me, okay?

Kiera Cameron: Doing the right thing doesn't come cheap.

Season 3 Episode 6: "Wasted Minute"

Kiera Cameron: False hope isn't relief.

Kiera Cameron: It's like watching pixels dry.
Alec Sadler: This is the holy beyond and all of does not compute.

Alec Sadler: I am the time-travelling grim reaper. Everything I touch turns to death.

Alec Sadler: I mean, not to get all Rod Serling over here, but what if all I've done is throw in a few more people into the gears while playing god?

Alec Sadler: You know, sometimes you look at me and I get this horror movie chill.

Katherine: The damage to the timeline can ripple out slowly, but we must act before that ripple becomes a storm.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: You make a handshake deal with Matthew Kellog, you better make sure you have all your fingers afterwards.

Alec Sadler: How is life with the romantic time-travelling me? Enjoying your stay at the honeymoon suite at the bedbug motel?

Alec Sadler: I like you on a leash, Emily; keeps him in line as well.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: Cut us loose or next time I cut you.

Alec Sadler: You never know what's dangerous until you do.

Carlos Fonnegra: Maybe that super suit of yours comes with nine lives.

Carlos Fonnegra: You know, maybe Alec could help. Or Alec could help.
Kiera Cameron: They're both helping already.

Alec Sadler: What, chemical weapons are legal in the future?
Kiera Cameron: They're effective, they get used.

Carlos Fonnegra: For once, Liber8 did a little good; They lifted up the mat and you crawled out.

Alec Sadler: No, we're not that kind of people.
Alec Sadler: You have no idea what kind of people I am.

Jack Dillon: You are a public servant. You chase down criminals, you don't suggest they might be right, about anything.
Carlos Fonnegra: Freedom of speech.
Jack Dillon: You have it, you just don't get to practise it in front of the cameras.

Sonya Valentine: We changed history, baby.

Kiera Cameron: There is a big difference between sacrifice and betrayal.

Season 3 Episode 7: "Waning Minutes"

Curtis Chen: You're not fit to lead this cell.

Kiera Cameron: Will Alec be debriefed?
Katherine: If he won't reveal where he buried the time travel weapon, yes.
Kiera Cameron: I don't like it.

Curtis Chen: What do you protect, Kiera? Not Alec. Not your family. You slept walked through your life in 2077, and then a miracle – you're shown a fabric of everything, and yet... still asleep.

Stefan Jaworski: Even in the cage, I'm freer that you'll ever be.

Kiera Cameron: What have I done?

Stefan Jaworski: Take a beat, protector. You're alive.

Stefan Jaworski: They don't make CMRs like they used to, do they, protector?

Stefan Jaworski: Would you mind pulling this hunk of fascist gunship out of my leg.

Kiera Cameron: I swear, if my gun was working, I'd shoot myself just to avoid hearing any more of this.

Kiera Cameron: I know what any citizen needs to know about you – it's either you or us.

Kiera Cameron: What are you doing?
Stefan Jaworski: Building good will.

Kiera Cameron: What if I take it out?
Sonya Valentine: Well, it's hooked directly into your cerebellum, so if I had to guess I'd say you lose speech, fine motor control – watch my finger – and most of your childhood.

Greg Cameron: Are you telling me my wife is dead?

Edouard Kagame: So, I hear we have visitors.

Sonya Valentine: I think we both know that you're not contagious, unless gun shot wounds spread differently than I recall.

Edouard Kagame: As long as I'm here, these people are in danger.

Stefan Jaworski: She's "so sorry". I'm sure that's the apology you've been waiting for, kid? You see everyone, the system works.
Kiera Cameron: You are no better than the people that killed this boy's family.

Edouard Kagame: The truth has a way of getting repressed.

Sonya Valentine: I'm not that easy to manipulate, Edouard. I'm not that lost.

Edouard Kagame: She chooses to serve a system that codifies monstrous iniquity, that literally works to strip away her humanity and her freedom.
Sonya Valentine: And Theseus would say that there are no inhumane choices in the last defence of humanity.

Alec Sadler: All actions are authorized, maximum response.

Stefan Jaworski: Even hurtin' she's a pistol, you gotta give her that.

Edouard Kagame: I hope, one day, you have a chance to look at things through different eyes, make choices that are on your own. That's the only way to take a person's true measure.

Edouard Kagame: Kiera... Huh, pretty name.

Greg Cameron: We let actuaries and balance sheets determine our worth – even that word, "worth", it's... it's not the right word.

Edouard Kagame: What the corporation cannot own, it destroys.

Sonya Valentine: I'm not a revolutionary, Edouard.
Edouard Kagame: No, you're a healer, and that's something far more useful.

Kiera Cameron: Each of us is judged by what we leave behind.
Katherine: Who said that?
Kiera Cameron: Alec Sadler... or he will say it.

Kiera Cameron: I'm saying I'm not asleep anymore.

Season 3 Episode 8: "So Do Our Minutes Hasten"

Kiera Cameron: What are you doing here?
Samantha: Standing up for something.

Samantha: It's okay to be wrong, but eventually you got to own up.

Jack Dillon: They always blame what they don't understand. Corporate sponsorship is not ownership.

Curtis Chen: You have had so many opportunities, so little insight. We're gonna have to fix that.

Alec Sadler: You don't fight a disease by curing it. You fight a disease by catching it while it is still treatable.

Jack Dillon: Well, fanatics aren't in the business of making sense.

Betty Robertson: I'm done hiding.

Matthew Kellog: Have I told you lately that I love what you've done with this place?

Betty Robertson: I appreciate the trust.
Jack Dillon: Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Betty Robertson: Doing the right thing, that matters to me.

Curtis Chen: You miss me, Kellog?
Matthew Kellog: That depends. Are you... you?

Matthew Kellog: So, are you going to kill me here, or do we have to step outside.

Curtis Chen: You want to cheat death, Kellog? Help me and I'll teach you how.

Jack Dillon: Agent Cameron, are cops assholes?
Kiera Cameron: Sometimes, sir.

Jasmine Garza: You do not want to mess with my people.

Adele: So... Theft, or whistle blowing?

Jack Dillon: There's no moving forward unless you're willing to adapt.

Carlos Fonnegra: What am I hiding? Everything.

Betty Robertson: Don't tell me you're switching horses.

Jack Dillon: Stay on target, all of you.

Julian Randol: Came down here to kick me when I'm down, that's it?

Jasmine Garza: You're about as threatening as a head cold right now.

Kiera Cameron: What if it's more than one person? What if it's bigger?

Jack Dillon: I swear, Cameron, if you weren't such a bulldog about Liber8 in the past, I'd think you were protecting them.

Jack Dillon: We're not in the business of witch hunts and speculation.

Carlos Fonnegra: Is this what policing looks like where you come from?

Kiera Cameron: I wonder why she trusts us.

Kiera Cameron: I don't mind learning a few things from Betty.

Season 3 Episode 9: "Minute Of Silence"

Kiera Cameron: Betty paid the heaviest price for her convictions.

John Doe: We are connected, somehow.

Alec Sadler: I don't want to bore you with all the corporate bullshit that I have managed to inherit but...

Carlos Fonnegra: I just can't carry the load anymore.

Alec Sadler: Why, is someone lying about who they are, Kiera? That would be terrible.

Alec Sadler: Maybe he's James Bond.

John Doe: I don't want to be a ghost.

Matthew Kellog: Are you keeping banker's hours, kid?

Alec Sadler: What's this?
Matthew Kellog: Karma, by way of sharks in suits.

John Doe: Clearly, I'm not rich and have low standards.

John Doe: Cheap and stupid; I guess I'll have to get by on my looks.

John Doe: It's like I'm not of this time.

John Doe: Maybe you're insane.
Kiera Cameron: Maybe I'm from the future.

Kiera Cameron: I don't know why I trust you, but for some reason I do.

Alec Sadler: You don't move in straight lines, Kellog. You never have.

Carlos Fonnegra: Is there anything that suit doesn't do?

Carlos Fonnegra: Holy shit!

Doctor: Citizenships were a good idea, once, now they're being abused by the Corporate Congress and people are wise to the scam that they unwittingly became a part of in the name of convenience. What's legal and what's right is not always the same thing.

Season 3 Episode 10: "Revolutions Per Minute"

Jason: I want to test it, can I be first, dad?

Carlos Fonnegra: That little shit!

Betty Robertson: So, dental is not the only perk.

Jack Dillon: I did something terrible.

Jack Dillon: Just get Christine clear, please. I don't care how you do it.

Jack Dillon: No more Bettys.

Carlos Fonnegra: And the cure of the common cold, I'm sure.
Kiera Cameron: Yeah.

Sonya Valentine: Either Cameron's getting better or we're slipping.

Voicemail: You have eight messages.
Alec Sadler: How many messages from Carlos Fonnegra?
Voicemail: You have eight messages from Carlos...
Alec Sadler: Delete.

Kiera Cameron: Matthew always knows something. It's figuring out whether you can trust what he knows that's the difficult part.

Kiera Cameron: I don't like secrets, Carlos.

Alec Sadler: You've got it all wrong.
Carlos Fonnegra: So you're not a body-snatching little ghoul?

Alec Sadler: Is this the principal's office?

Matthew Kellog: It sounds like a sure thing to me, or a familiar thing, anyway.

Sonya Valentine: If I was going to hurt you, you would never see me coming.

Kiera Cameron: If they hadn't been born yet, we haven't had the chance to leave them.

Alec Sadler: It's like taking a wedgie from the Fortune 500.

Julian Randol: Nice, and here I thought I was living on the edge.

Alec Sadler: Can your conscience wrap yourself around a corporation that's trying to do good? Because, I swear, that's what I'm trying to do.

Alec Sadler: Stop talking change and start making it.

Sonya Valentine: Well, it's raw, and some of it's pretty rough, but it's Theseus.
Julian Randol: It's me.

Katherine: I promise you, you don't want to do this.
Kiera Cameron: Oh, but I kinda do.

Sonya Valentine: You have no idea how dangerous your father is.

Christine Dillon: It was always there, Liber8 just revealed who he really is.

Sonya Valentine: If you betray us, I will slit your pretty throat myself.

Jack Dillon: Are you questioning my orders, Cameron?

Matthew Kellog: Well, I guess I better sell that Gutuma stock.

Kiera Cameron: Bigger than Alec Sadler?
John Doe: Who's Alec Sadler?

Matthew Kellog: Would you do me a favour and would you pass that on to the other old fat white guys. We will burn you down.

Carlos Fonnegra: A Viking funeral.

Alec Sadler: The Alec you met two years ago is dead, or locked away somewhere.

Kiera Cameron: I can't even stand to look at you right now.

Brad Tonkin: I know why I left, I volunteered.

Season 3 Episode 11: "3 Minutes To Midnight"

Alec Sadler: I'm worried it's overkill.

Jason: Come to poppa!

Jason: Not you, it wasn't supposed to be you.

Warren: Katherine is counting on you to do the right thing.

Carlos Fonnegra: This guy is free-falling.

Kiera Cameron: A criminal assault complaint does not just go away.

Carlos Fonnegra: He's not your boy, not any more.

Alec Sadler: I'm sorry, I want to make the world a better place and change the stark future that I'm supposed to create.

Mr. Litchfield: Go talk to that bald bastard!

Kiera Cameron: Just because Alec believes Halo is harmless, doesn't mean that it is.

Brad Tonkin: We need to act fast, sir, our future depends on it.

Alec Sadler: No more secrets between us, okay?

Kiera Cameron: You shoot the king, you gotta kill the king.

Kiera Cameron: Her CMR chip, he removed it.

Carlos Fonnegra: I was looking for something a little more... covert.

Kiera Cameron: Don't be the one who hits first, okay? That makes you the bully.

Travis Verta: You must be sweet on this one, Protector.

Lucas Ingram: It's like Wile E. Coyote finally catching the Road Runner.

Julian Randol: So much for openness, Alec.

Julian Randol: You don't know any more about my future than I do, Jason.

Alec Sadler: Everyone keeps looking at me like I'm some naive kid handed a legacy by my father.

Brad Tonkin: I didn't like what I remembered.

Brad Tonkin: I'm the one who killed you.

Sonya Valentine: We won, Travis. Take it in.

Kiera Cameron: Maybe dreams are more real than you think.

Julian Randol: Looks like it comes out a Terminator.

Carlos Fonnegra: Big brother. Wow. This just gets better and better.

Kiera Cameron: Only if you people knew what you don't know.

Lucas Ingram: Whose future is this?

Matthew Kellog: Well, look at this. We got the band back together again.

Kiera Cameron: No one controls the future. It is an ever-evolving organism free to change and adapt as it sees fit.

Jasmine Garza: And I'm tired of being someone else's bitch.

Curtis Chen: A soldier knows when the battle is lost.

Lucas Ingram: Tools always backfire.

Season 3 Episode 12: "The Dying Minutes"

Katherine: You were merged.

Curtis Chen: Is that not a violation?

Alec Sadler: I'm a loose end, yet I get to live?

Alec Sadler: She says living, I hear burial.

Sonya Valentine: Halo's the beginning of it all, Julian.

Kiera Cameron: Alec Sadler, I brought you the wrong one.

Julian Randol: You want me to just sit here and watch while my brother takes over the world?

Curtis Chen: You should consider trying to draw less attention to yourself.
Matthew Kellog: Where's the fun in that?

Curtis Chen: A great day is coming.

Sonya Valentine: I don't want people to get hurt.
Lucas Ingram: How about we scare the shit out of them?

Lucas Ingram: You still want to wear that thing?

Brad Tonkin: Oh, now you know I love it when you play rough.

Sonya Valentine: Do you even understand the concept of disguise?
Travis Verta: All us terrorists look the same.

Sonya Valentine: Everyone believes in the do-over, you just press reset and start again.

Sonya Valentine: I'm afraid.

Jack Dillon: Come on, Carlos. Kissing some corporate ass is what it takes to keep this city safe.

Brad Tonkin: It's like we're married.

Julian Randol: Jason called me a murderer.
Sonya Valentine: But we call you a leader.

Kiera Cameron: You have jerked my chain in every timeline I've been in, ripped me away from my family, and dumped me here alone to tell you how to change. And then, took away my chance to get back and destroyed worlds.

Kiera Cameron: Whatever it is you believe, Katherine, I don't.

Alec Sadler: So, nobody in this car is from now?

Sonya Valentine: Fight or flight, Protector. They're both bad choices.

Jack Dillon: It seems like everybody wants a piece of you.

Sonya Valentine: You're like every general that's ever tasted power; you want more.

Sonya Valentine: I find you guilty.

Kiera Cameron: Why did you kill me?

Brad Tonkin: He's your family. He's my family.

Brad Tonkin: Kiera Cameron, you are the key.

Matthew Kellog: She is a heart breaker.

Season 3 Episode 13: "Last Minute"

Brad Tonkin: So who's the unlucky bastard?

Brad Tonkin: Clean and fire, burn all timers, neutralize the zealot cell, stabilize the incursion site; salt of god saved Earth.

Brad Tonkin: It's the same shit, it's just different.

Kiera Cameron: You know, this is the part where it all goes to hell, right?

Brad Tonkin: It's like we're two sides of an argument.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: Keep talking nerdy, it's heating me up good.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: I think god heard you and he's pissed.

Matthew Kellog: I'm just a cog in the machine now, Carlos. I don't get to play chest master anymore.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: Paranoid Alec with a time-travel device... Not good.

Lucas Ingram: Whatever this is, I am in!

Lucas Ingram: I could definitely work with this.

Kiera Cameron: I've been fighting for the wrong side for a long time, and now I'm awake. It doesn't mean I condone your tactics, it doesn't mean we're going to be friends or allies, but it does mean that we want to change our future before it comes into being. That's a fight I can get behind, that is a fight worth sacrificing for, and it is a legacy that I want to leave for those who come after us.

Diana Bolton: Where the hell did you come from?

Alec Sadler: Once there was a boy who lived on a farm. That boy had a dream that nobody believed in. He wanted to make a difference – create a better tomorrow and serve the people faithfully. I am that boy, and Halo is that dream.

Lucas Ingram: Here. We. Go.

Emily / Maya Hartwell: Three of you, really?

Alec Sadler: Travis is right? Do you even hear yourself?

Carlos Fonnegra: Alright, let's go shithead.

Alec Sadler: This is like kidnapping.
Carlos Fonnegra: No, this is exactly kidnapping.

Alec Sadler: I'm really getting sick of your face.

Alec Sadler: And you can keep travelling through time again and again to try to save her, and I'll keep making sure that she dies in your arms again and again.

Alec Sadler: This timeline isn't big enough for the both of us.

Kiera Cameron: I guess we've come full circle.

Alec Sadler: It's time I did something good with my birthright.

Carlos Fonnegra: I'm Commissioner Gordon and you're...
Kiera Cameron: Ooh, I know this one... I thought.

Matthew Kellog: Two Alecs enter, one Alec leaves.


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