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Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from the year 2077, gets dragged back to 2012 after a group of freedom fighters called Liber8 use time travel to escape their execution. Until she finds a way home, she decides to track down these escaped convicts before they cause irreparable damage to the future. She's not alone, though, as there are more pieces in play than just Liber8 -- some friendly, and some just as deadly.

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 36

Original Network: Showcase Canada

Normal Runtime: 60 Minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

Air Date and Time:
Canada Showcase: Season 3 Ended
Australia Syfy: Season 3 Ended
United States Syfy: Season 3 Ended

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Continuum Quotes

Season 1

Episode 01 Episode 02 Episode 03 Episode 04 Episode 05 Episode 06 Episode 07 Episode 08 Episode 09 Episode 10

Season 1 Episode 1: "A Stitch in Time"

Edouard Kagame: 20 years ago when the corporations bailed out our failed governments, they sold it to us as salvation. Now, we see, we have paid for this rescue with our freedom. We have awakened to the truth. We have become slaves to the corporate congress.

Kiera: Where is the prison?
Lucas: Not where is the prison, where the prison will be. It should have been six years, looks like sixty. It would have been a sweet escape!

Alec: What year are you from?
Kiera: 2077.
Alec: You are not from 2077.
Kiera: Why would I lie about that?
Alec: Well, if that's true, you're screwed.

Matthew: Listen, Travis. Even if we manage to make an impact in this time, there is still enough years between now and the revolution to turn it around.
Travis: The revolution is on our schedule Kellog. The war begins now.

Alec: You think that telling me what I'll become will create some type of paradox whereby my knowing it wont actually happen. But what you may not know is that there are two schools of quantum time-travel theory. On the one hand you have already changed the future by going back in time, the damage is done, you can't stop what's already been started.
Kiera: What's the other?
Alec: That this journey is part of your own time-line from the future. That is to say that all of these events already happened before and you're simply going through the motions, again.

Kiera: Cellular Memory Reveal. I am outfitted with a CMR bio-upgrade. A memory pack is implanted into my skull and it records telemetry, video and audio in my cortex. It is to be used in chain as evidence in trials.

Lucas: This has always been a one-way ticket.

Betty: We have half a dozen bank alarms being tricked all through the city.
Carlos: Is this in their play book?
Kiera: It's a diversion. There is only one bank being robbed.

Carlos: I can't figure out if you just like playing hero or if you're a little bit crazy.

Season 1 Episode 2: "Fast Times"

Kiera: I look great.
Alec: Ya, you do.

Lucas: I have run the calculations a dozen times, the grid should be enough to bring about fusion and power the device. But, to be sure, I won't know until I press the freaking button.

Matthew: Look around, what do you see? I see inequality, injustice, the rich get richer, but freedom still exists. The Corporates Rights Act won't be in place for another 50 years. We are free to tell people what's being done to them, and by who, and there is no one to arrest or execute us. Hell, even the president gets on TV and tells the corporations to suck eggs.

Alec: No way! Did you just tase Carlos? That is awesome!

Kiera: What I do won't always make sense to you, but it is important and I can't do it without you.

Alec: Cool, your suit has a frequency generator?

Alec: The green one has a key-less ignition. Put your seatbelt on, just in case, so you don't draw attention. It's the strapy thing to your left. Okay, now press start. Now use the shifter. Try the other handle. Have you ever driven a gasoline vehicle before?

Banker: So I understand you want to open an investment account, Mr....
Matthew: Kellog.
Banker: And how much did you plan to start with?
*Matthew opens a bag full of money on his desk*
Matthew: All of it.

Carlos: Oh, don't act like you've never been handcuffed to an elevator before.

Alec: Ya, he's famous. He's on the cover of this month's wired.
Kiera: What is that?
Alec: It's a magazine.

Betty: The Portland PD database was hacked by a third party server.
Carlos: That's good?
Betty: Or bad, depending on who did the hacking. I'm following the Linda Williams trail to the originating server. He or she is using TOR to encrypt their TCP streams and cover their tracks. But I've been following the gaps between the incoming and outgoing packets, and their narrowing.
Carlos: So you're going to find out who's behind the curtain, right?
Betty: Pretty soon he's going to over stay his welcome and I'm going to nail his ass.

Kiera: Linear Collider?
Alec: It's an atom smasher; high velocity particles, incredible amounts of energy.
Kiera: Enough to power the device?
Alec: I'm a genius and even I can't answer that question.

Curtis: Bitch cop wants to come with us.
Kiera: Bitch cop does.

Kiera: Cease-fire's over.

Kiera: The only thing that's going to get me through this is... finding a way to believe that my being here is for a reason. That what I'm doing will somehow help my family in the future while I'm here in the present.

Alec: You want me to call you a taxi?
Kiera: Thanks.
Alec: You're a taxi.

Season 1 Episode 3: "Wasting Time"

Inspector Dillon: That's a lot of ex-military. Should we be consulting the department of defense on this?

Sonya: I've got something much better for you. You're going to love this.

Matthew Kellog: Do you really want all of this blood on your hands?

Kiera: What do you want?
Matthew: 2 eggs, scrambled, sausage, biscuit and hash browns. And tomatoes, if their fresh. Coffee, black. Same thing for my friend. Thank you. God, I'm starving. Aren't you?
Kiera: I meant why are you here?

Matthew: Would you believe me if I told you that I don't share their methods?
Kiera: No.
Matthew: Neither did the judge.

Matthew: I like it here. I like the lifestyle, you know. I like the variety and the availability for, you know, the meats and other goodies. I know it's all going to change, but I'll probably be dead by then.

Matthew: We're never going to be allies, but it may happen from time-to-time that we both want the same thing. I'm looking for situations that are win-win.

Carlos: That's a nice bluetooth.
Kiera: Oh, thanks.
Carlos: I was kidding.

Kiera: They removed a section of lower cortex right where it meets with the spine.
Coroner: Ya, exactly.
Kiera: The sanguination indicates that the victim was still alive when the cut was made. The precision of the removal suggests highly advanced surgical skill. The wound appears the be cauterized.
Carlos: Ya, like I said, she's new.
Coroner: And she's right.

Kiera: I need a database search.
Alec: I doesn't work that way. You didn't dial anyone.
Kiera hides behind her computer.
Kiera: I need a search.
Alec: Oh my god you are really missing the point of this thing.

Carlos: It's nice to know that even the government drops calls.
Kiera: Just wait until the phone company is the government.
Carlos: That's a scary thought.

Matthew: You know that lady protector that came back with us? I'm setting that bitch up.

Dr. Gibson: I'm not the kind of man who appreciates be accosted by police offices who have forgotten about a right called Doctor Patient Confidentiality.
Kiera: That didn't seem to bother you in 2002, Seattle I believe it was, when you released the names of your premium donors to some of your patients, then charged extra for their services. How much does sperm from a Noble Prize runner-up go for these days?

Delivery man: We got the files from the fertility clinic.
Dillon: That was fast.
Betty: Are they on a jump drive or on CDs?
They wheel in 4 boxes of files into the room.
Delivery man: We got 45 of these babies down on the truck. Where do you want them.

Sonya: How soon can we start work?
Lucas: Give me... 20 minutes.
Sonya: You can have 5.

Alec: I've calculated that at this rate it's going to take at least several more hours to get the info in.

Carlos: Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Alec: Follow what Carlos does and on three, make a fist.

Kiera: What did we just do?
Alec: I'm sorry. Did I just teach you something that you didn't already know?
Kiera: Alec...
Alec: Sorry, that was just me savouring the moment.

Carlos: I said drop it asshole!
Curtis: No, I don't think so. Where's the bitch?
Matthew: I'm going to let you guys figure this out.

Carlos: Maybe later you can tell me what actually happened here?

Kiera: Damn it, Alec. Where are you?
Alec: Livin' large. What can I do for ya?

Kiera: Herbert George Wells. H.G. Wells. The Time Machine?
Matthew: Classic. I thought you'd appreciate the reference.

Kiera: So what now?
Matthew: We're both adults. The house is empty...

Kiera: You mess with me now and I'll not only kill you in this time, but I will make it my mission that you are never born in the future. We clear?

Season 1 Episode 4: "Matter of Time"

Alec: Just watching you hurts me.
Kiera: Then... don't watch me.

Alec: Didn't they have makeup in 2077?
Kiera: Let's just say the future changed some things for the better.
Alic: How?
Kiera: A mascara wand with an electrostatic charge preset to release the perfect amount every time.

Investor: Synthetic food production, disaster insurance bonds? What are you expecting, the end of the world?
Kellog: Something like that.

Kiera: Entry wound same as exit, 75mm. Give or take.

Carlos: What the hell penetrates a body, then 5 stories of a building?

Alec: You know I could fix whatever is wonky on your suit, I do know a little bit about electronics.

Alec: Mitotic Circuitry. It's like electronic stem cells, carbon nanotubes for structure, millions of micro-reefs... At least that's the theory.
Kiera: Whose theory?
Alec: My fathers.

Kiera: When you contain and harvest anti-matter, if, if that is even possible, you'd have access to unlimited clean energy.

Biker: Ladies, can I help you?
Sonya: Ya, theres a really creepy guy in the neighbourhood who has been giving us trouble.
Biker: Where's this creepy guy?
Jasmin: What's the address here?

Lucas: I think we'll be right at home here.

Carlos: Based on listening to my gut. You should try it sometime.
Kiera: I listen.
Carlos: No, you watch, and you calculate, which is a good tactic, but I think you should trust your instincts a little.

Carlos: Put yourself in my position. You have this new partner who's got her nose buried into classified intelligence... I mean I don't know what you know, or how you know it.

Kellog: Yes, that's ten thousand dollars on the leafs to win. Ya, I know it's a long shot.

Kellog: Your father looked out for me, he was kinda like an older brother. I know how you and your momma had it since he died. I'm just trying to pay it forward.

Kellog: When you have a grandson one day, and you will, promise me you'll let him jump on the bed and eat lots of candy, okay?

Mr. Vincent: I was in this field before I realized the lie they were trying to sell us. Clean energy? Bull shit! Clean genocide is more like it.

Carlos: Did anyone ever tell you that you watched too much Star Trek as a kid?

Carlos: I don't think anybody was accusing you.
Kiera: Actually, I was.

Dr. Melissa Dobeck: The worst I ever did to Martin was wish him dead. That's not a crime is it?
Kiera: Not yet.

Kiera: I'm not the enemy Carlos.

Carlos: General Tight-ass over here closed that door. Let me find a new lead.

Alec: Boy, mister paranoid or what. Do you think he's hiding something?

Carlos: I'm guessing you didn't get a court order for a phone records check.
Kiera: I don't have to. While I was speaking to him today she texted him a second time and I saw her name come up on his phone.
Carlos: You did?
Kiera: No, but if you really knew how I found out you'd be upset.

Sonya: You know, it's not too bad. There's lots of space... a nice TV...
Travis: And hydroponics in the basement?

Carlos: Were you synchronizing your stories?

Edouard: We have the power to free ourself, to take back what we lost; our independence, our dignity, our very souls. To take back our liberty.

Inspector Dillon: If in fact your totally unrelated investigation happens to lead you to Professor Ames' murder, I want to be the first to know, because I'm going to enjoy calling that dumb-ass from National Defence to tell him we just solved his case.

Carlos: Come on, you don't have to fall on your lightsaber for her.

Edouard: There's a war coming.
Sonja: How can you be so sure?
Edouard: Because we're going to start it.

Kiera: Did you really think that breaking into my apartment was the best way to introduce yourself?

Alec: I guess I'm a like you, a little stubborn.

Alec: If these scientists are playing god, then in a way, so are you.

Season 1 Episode 5: "A Test of Time"

Edouard: Your loyalty to Travis is inspiring to me.

Travis: We are still at war.
Edouard: A war that we will never win, unless we fight it on the enemy's terms.

Edouard: We don't need guns to transform the world, we have the knowledge of what will happen, and the power to imagine better.

Alec: Maybe I'll meet up with Carlos and we'll compare notes.
Kiera: Even one phone call and you're a dead man.

Clayton: Owner says it's just a prop, put it there to scare off the bad guys.
Carlos: Hmm, that seemed to work well.

Kiera: Lilly Jones is my grandmother's name. They are targeting my family.

Matthew: It seems that reports of my death was exaggerated. That's Twain, great writer. He's got this one about a confederate Yankee and...

Matthew: Just coming by to say no hard feelings, you know, for leaving me to die with a bomb strapped to my jewels.

Matthew: Of course not, but in terms of funding a full revolution, it's a pretty good start, don't you think?

Matthew: What, no hello?
Kiera: The last time I met you here you were carrying a live grenade, then we almost got blown up with a mine, so forgive me for not being polite.

Matthew: Now Kagame, he wants to try a grand experiment to test our paradoxical venerability.
Kiera: So that makes me what, the guinea pig?
Matthew: Squeak, squeak.

Jasmine: They're like drones. Blissfully unaware they are being trained into subservience.
Sonya: Well, those who seek the truth will find it.

Alec: What are you going do, you going to just walk up to her and say hello, I'm your future granddaughter.

Alec: If you excuse me, I have more important things to do than sit around a bunch of conspiracy freaks wearing tinfoil hats.

Alec: If you want to change the world, you have to leave the living room first.

Lily Jones: I guess we're in a unique club. It's not every day that we get chased by terrorists.

Kiera: Do you have a weird taste in your mouth, kinda like you've been sucking on a nail?

Kiera: I had that when I was pregnant.

Edouard: Matthew? I understand you've been a busy little bee, fluttering about, pollinating, and straying into things you shouldn't. Now, someone has to pay the price.

Kiera: Most people go through their lives thinking they know exactly what the future holds for them, they have a fantasy about what the world is, but sometimes you're going through your day, and bang, there's an explosion, and everything you know is gone.

Lily: How do you know I'm going to have a girl?
Kiera: Oh, a hunch.

Edouard: Say what you will about Kellog, he's very resourceful.

Lucas: That's not her grandmother.
Edouard: No, it's my mother.
Sonya: Is she pregnant?
Edouard: Yes, with me.

Alec: The absence of proof isn't proof of anything.

Edouard: You behave like a mad-dog and I'll put you down.

Season 1 Episode 6: "Time's Up"

Carlos: You show force before you have to and you risk inflaming the crowd.

Carlos: They're here to make some noise, then they're probably going to go sing kumbaya, smoke a little weed and eat some soy burgers. They're harmless.

Kiera: I've never seen a horse before... they are so beautiful.
Alec: What, are you saying there are no horses in the future?

Edouard: Now that we are in this time, what's past is prologue.

Carlos: And yet your queen was kidnapped from her own castle...

Kiera: That's the thing about hunger, they have to stick their necks out to get fed. That's when they're vulnerable.

Alec: He's an ugly mother too... with priors.

Carlos: How did you get this? ... Why do I even ask?

Alec: Great things can be done with technology.
Roland: And great things can be done with hard work and sweat.

Carlos: That doesn't entitle you to pistol-whip a suspect, then interfere with a police investigation.

Carlos: Let's see. We got you on inciting a riot, destruction of property, Aiding and abetting a kidnapping, obstruction of justice, oh and I'm pretty sure I saw you jaywalking

Francis Hall: Please tell me you're going to play bad cop. I'd really, really like that.
Kiera: Be careful what you wish for.

Julian: You're so busy talking that you don't even realize how empty your words really are.

Edouard: From now until sundown, you, the people, may vote on this woman's fate.

Matthew: You only call when you want something. It's a shame that it's never the something that i want you to want.

Matthew: One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, but how do you switch from one to the other?

Matthew: Hearts and minds. Far more effective that bombs and guns.

Alec: I don't know why you trust that guy? He would turn on you in a heart beat.

Carlos: I thought that the spectacle of public execution was a thing of the past?

Sonya: They purged the history files from my school's data-net in 2058.

Kiera: You know, I don't think he's scare of us.

Edouard: The only thing more powerful than money is knowledge.

Alec: It's one thing to have instincts, but it's another to have a crystal ball.

Alec: That's just the sound of me crying inside because I'm letting someone else take credit for my work.

Carlos: I admire your dedication, but are you friggin nuts?

Alec: It got transferred off shore faster than you can say untraceable third-world money laundering.

Kiera: CPS polices the citizens, who polices the corporations?

Season 1 Episode 7: "The Politics of Time"

Matthew: Tall Mocha Macchiato, right?
Kiera: Is it poisoned?
Matthew: Can't a guy just buy a girl a coffee?

Clayton: She's been dead about 5-7 hours, but you probably already knew that.

Alec: So much for brotherly love.

Kiera: Keep me posted. Don't break it!

Nelson Barne: No one slides up the political ranks without a little grease.

Alec: So I have been trying to figure out to repair the injured circuits, I'm just going to cut out the damaged parts.
Kiera: Don't cut it. It will only make it worse.

Alec: Houston we have an upgrade.

Alec: It ain't just a river in Egypt. Denial, get it?

Kiera: I used a bio-enhancement mist. It interacts with DNA. Helps my HUD ID finger prints.

Alec: Oh man. It doesn't take too much to imagine how those prints got there.

Alec: You think there was a three way?

Alec: Come on baby. Show me what you can do.

Kiera: Why didn't you tell me that you were at Jim Martin's place, or that you didn't see Alicia Fuentes after that?
Carlos: Who told you that?
Kiera: You just did.

Rikki: Greg sent me to see if your okay... what happened to the painting?

Kiera: Why would I spy on Greg?

Alec: Kiera, do you know what your suit can do? It's online and it's accessing every single visual and audio feed withing a hundred kilometre radius... on its own. It's like its taking its own bearings.

Dillon: Do you have any idea what you have done? Taking primary on a murder case where you just had sex with the victim...
Carlos: Sir I can...
Dillon: Shut up! You don't talk!

Kiera: I know a guy who knows a guy...

Alec: Totally beyond cool!

Alec: What? Miss the Bowchickawowow?
Kiera: I have no idea what you're doing.
Alec: What? They don't have porn in your time?

Kiera: Did you see that, up to the left?
Alec: Ya, the thing that looks like spaghetti outside of the apartment?

Kiera: Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reason.

Season 1 Episode 8: "Playtime"

Lucas: By stimulating the brain with repetitive patterns and vibrations, we have found that you can actually control a person's state of mind and implant specific thoughts.

Matthew: I made you some breakfast.
Kiera: What do you want Matthew?

Kiera: I thought, maybe you called because you wanted to return something that you stole.
Matthew: Your heart?

Irene: Mark was into younger chicks and Yvonne was a furry.
Betty: Liked to dress up as animals.

Fred: You know, beta testers can be real losers. Bottom feeders. Not like programmers. Programmers are of the highest echelon.

Alec: I may have to reboot you.

Betty: Amphetamines. Violent video games. They could be a pretty potent mix.

Alec: Password... I should I know the password, I designed the thing.

Lucas: We can... we will rewrite history.

Betty: I contacted some friends in the hacker world that live on this stuff. Legend has it, the remaining inventory was secretly bought up by someone.

Kiera: How long is this going to take?
Alec: It will take as long as it takes.

Matthew: I'd tell you my name, but, you know, Section 6.

Edouard: Who is she talking to?
Lucas: I don't know, but she is using her bio-upgrade comms.

Matthew: Just the man I wanted to see. I'm Brad Anderson from Encode Magazine.

Edouard: Have her eliminate Mr. Nettinger, her partner, then herself.

Alec: You're being hacked... and so am I.

Alec: Who da man? I'm da man! YA!

Season 1 Episode 9: "Family Time"

Kiera: The country. It's amazing.
Carlos: Ya, if you like the smell of cow crap.

Roland: So, you're what, the shit police?

Alec: Black is so much cooler than copper, ask any nerd.

Kiera: I've missed you.

Alec: You're scanning me? Are you serious?

Julian: We're in control now.

Kiera: You sure know how to show a girl a good time.
Carlos: Oh, ya. Nothing says fun like a GSW.

Carlos: Oh we Fonnegras are a pretty hardy stock.

Alec: One for the good guys.

Kiera: Everything's going to be okay.
Carlos: You're a lousy liar.

Carlos: Despite all the lies, I still trust you, more than anyone. Probably your name's not even Kiera.

Alec: You got the guns and the man power, I'm not stupid.

Edouard: Everything I am, everything I become, will be the result of events unfolding on that farm.

Hoyt: It only takes one bullet to make our statement. We'll all be martyrs. Our message will be heard.

Kiera: Permission to come aboard?

Matthew: Just take a sip... or a gulp.

Matthew: What happened in the future, stays in the future.

Matthew: Maybe it's best to stop living for a future that might not even happen.

Season 1 Episode 10: "Endtimes"

Travis: Not a good day to be late!

Matthew: She'll be back.

Jason: You're just like me. You're from the future.

Jason: This is bad. Today is the day that Theseus will emerge.

Kiera: What are you talking about?
Jason: I'm talking about a working time machine.

Lucas: Now you know what it's like to be one of the outer circle.
Travis: You wouldn't be messing with me, now would you?
Lucas: I'm too smart to do that, Travis.

Jason: Do you want to go back to 2077?
Kiera: Badly.
Jason: I can help you with that.

Jasmine: Do you think I'm pretty?

Jason: It was an inside job, you know. The execution, the device, the explosion, the guards, the warden. Who knows how high it went.

Edouard: You spoke of this moment once, but that conversation wont take place for 60 years.

Edouard: A pebble tossed from a beach can become a tsunami on the other side of the world. You are that pebble and I'm standing on a beach on the other side of time, waiting for the tidal wave to crash.

Agent Gardiner: I just received a call from my supervisor, Agent Cameron, letting me know that he's been in contact with your commander, Mr. Escher, and that I am required to cooperate fully from here on in with Section 6.

Carlos: I've never seen CSIS back down to anyone like that before. I'd like to meet your boss and shake his hand.
Kiera: So would I.

Carlos: Let me guess, it's complicated?

Sonja: Kagame had this planned all along. Today is his birthday.

Alec: Have you ever stood on a beach and faced an approaching tsunami?

Alec: Your journey here was no accident. The time travel device didn't malfunction, Kagame knew this.


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