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Continuum in Production for Season Two

Originally Published: by Tyler Olson

The second season of the hit series Continuum was announced early in the first season, and now it is finally in production and slated to air on Showcase in April 2013 with 13 episodes.

In season 1, Kiera Cameron travelled back to 2012 from 2077 with a group of terrorists / freedom fighters called Liber8. Stuck in the past she hunted for the ones who sought to change the future that she swore to protect, but she wasn't alone. She partnered up with a Vancouver Cop, Carlos, the inventor of the technology she uses, Alec, and even a former member of Liber8, Matthew. Kiera and her friends fought hard, but Liber8 fought harder.

In season 2, Kiera's secrets will be pushing her alliances to new limits while she struggles to find the answer to her question; why was she sent here? Alec too will struggle to understand the ramifications of the message his older self sent him during the season 1 finale. To make matters worse, Liber8 has stepped up their game, with their new leader, by becoming even more strategic, and just as deadly.

Creator/executive producer Simon Barry explains that "Season 2 of Continuum will see Kiera pitted against Liber8 while trying to find a way back to 2077. This season will feature the best elements of Season 1 in addition to some new characters and storylines that expand the universe of Continuum."

"We're absolutely thrilled about the great viewer response for the first season and know that fans are eagerly awaiting the second season," Tom Rowe from Reunion Pictures adds. "Simon Barry's vision, top notch writing and a terrific cast are captivating the North American and international audiences."

The first season shattered records with over 1 million viewers as it aired on Showcase, easily beating the network's other hit series, and easily held the #1 speciality series during the Summer. It then went on to make waves when it aired overseas, and is currently it is airing on Syfy in the United States.

With the Canadian season 2 premiere in April, there is no word of when the 2nd season will begin in other countries, but it wouldn't be a surprise if U.S. Network Syfy airs the 2nd season along with Canada to catch up.

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