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Second Time

Season 2, Episode 13 Aired: 2013-08-04

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Continuum: Second Time Review

Blown Away Through Time

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After watching last week's episode, I had huge expectations coming into Continuum's second season finale, with a few very strong predictions, but I never imagined I would be right on so many accounts, yet still blown away by the action, twists and reveals.

I suspected that Jason wasn't Alec's father, but I never expected that the man who almost acts like a calm Darth Vader at times was the real deal. Sure they didn't use the exact words, but that whole conversation could have easily been re-written as "Alec, I am your father. Join me and we shall rule the world as father and son", and it wouldn't have lost a single step. Alec even ended the episode with his own version of yelling "Nooo", then jumping into the unknown. Did anyone else notice this similarity, or have I just watched too much Star Wars?

Everyone watching this scene probably had the same expression on their face.

The Freelancers twist was also very unexpected. I saw them more like invincible Terminators rather than a powerful group of Timecops. While I find it neat that there is a faction dedicated to preventing anyone from altering time, I still don't understand what purpose they have in preventing the changes, or how they are able to bring people back from the dead. They appear to be from the distant future, perhaps way beyond the next century, so resurrecting the recently deceased may be possible, but we know several characters were stone-cold for a year before they got their hands on them, so how they are still kicking in beyond me. Could they be from a future in which no one ever gets sick and dies? If so, maybe the chaos in 2077 might be worthwhile if humanity become immortal gods in the years that followed. It's a shame that Kagame was blown to pieces now... Maybe they have found all his body parts and stitched him together like a Frankenstein monster.

Jason's reveal, and all the scenes from 2077, has provided such a huge understanding of why everything is unfolding. We knew who orchestrated the whole thing before, but never to this much detail. There is still much to learn and discover, but at least us fans aren't left scratching our heads in confusion as the credits rolled... or at least not as much as we were last year.

I still can't believe that I predicted how this season would end last week. The situation that Kiera was in, and the direction Carlos and Betty took, were completely spot on, yet, there was so much more thanks to Liber8, Escher, and Alec's involvement in the story. With so many of the main characters all together, two off in a new direction, plus the unknown status of the boy genius, I have no clue how season 3 will start, which is pretty close to how I felt at the end of the first season.

You voted for it, and you got it! Guess who they teamed up with.

The new Liber8 team will undoubtedly be playing a huge part in the story, as will the freelancers, but as far as I know, many of the starring time-travellers may be completely out of the picture for a long time, unless a massive prison break occurs. Although Alec might completely change something with just leap, causing everything that happened in the finale to be completely re-written, meaning this to could be the end of this timeline's story. Whatever Simon Barry and his amazing, and likely underpaid, team of genius writers develop, I am sure that it will be of the highest quality.

The special effects and stunts are also first-class, especially in "Second Time". There was so many visual effects in this finale to pick just one, but it appears that as Continuum ages, Artifex Studios is giving us even more amazing shots. With the huge improvement from season 1 to this second season, part of me is expecting even more in season 3, although it is really difficult to be better than perfect. I'm still sure they are up for the task, though.

The stunts during last week's mega fight may have been the best we have seen during this entire series, but after this week it almost made that look like a mild bar fight. I always love fights where both parties are near equal in strength and abilities, so the huge fight this week felt extra special for me. Sure, Kiera didn't have anywhere near Travis' strength, but with her toys it was definitely an equal playing field, which made it feel like fight could have gone either way. Next season, let's put them on the same team and see how many home-runs they hit against their new enemy.

Now comes the long months of withdrawal until the next season. At least we have repeats, and the released of season 2 on Bluray and DVD, whenever that happens, to help ease the pain.

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