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Second Time

Season 2, Episode 13 Aired: 2013-08-04

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Continuum: Second Time

Season 2: Episode 13

"Second Time" Review

Episode Plot

Kiera races to rescue Alec from himself and preserve her own chance of getting home, but Alec must make a difficult decision between solving Kiera's dilemma or his own.


Starring Cast

Luvia Petersen

Jasmine Garza

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol

John Cassini


John Reardon

Greg Cameron

Ian Tracey


Hugh Dillon

Mr Escher

Mike Dopud

Stefan Jaworski

Adrian Holmes


Zak Santiago


Sean Michael Kyer

Sam Cameron

Janet Kidder

Ann Sadler

Bruce Ramsay

Detective Rosicki


Episode Quotes

Alec: There's something to be said about a cop with determination, integrity, and desire to uncover the truth. We don't see much of that these days.

Escher: An agent devoted to the subject, Alec, is an agent devoted to the cause.

Alec: I will always blame you, do you understand me, always.

Kiera: It's funny, all the people I have met since I arrived here, I would have picked you as one who knew me, trusted me even.

Alec: The people believe they are free, but the reality is that they've never been more enslaved.

Kellog: This could have been me. Hey, a guy can dream.

Kiera: That's all I've ever wanted, to bring the pieces back together and return to my family.

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