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Second Last

Season 2, Episode 12 Aired: 2013-07-28

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Continuum: Second Last Review

The Stench of Betrayal

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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When the name freelancers was first uttered by Jason in the season finale last year, I doubt anyone expected that they would cause so much of a headache for so many characters. They might not be working with explosives, but they do an incredible job at tearing a season's worth of work down in seconds.

Even their fights are bad-ass. There has been several intense fights in past episodes, but none of them can compare this episode's battle. This fight had it all; future tech, standard guns, melee combat, insane stunts, huge drops, big surprises and even a major death. Unless the season finale throws out even more insanity, this will likely be the big title match of the season.

While the gunfight and the death it caused likely pushed Alec over the edge, that too was only the result of all the insanity he was put through this week, which included betrayals, lies, and reveals.

I think everyone expected that Kellog would eventually betray Alec, even his reasons were understandable, but did anyone expect it to be Travis bad? It still could be worse. Travis' new abilities could easily given them a massive headache, but with the new enemy on the loose, he might become a powerful ally against them. After all, those freelance super-soldiers are holding Garza somewhere. I am disappointed that we didn't get to see him in action yet. During the huge fight, I kept on waiting for Travis to barge into the fight, forcing him to join the others against the Freelancers. There's always next week.

We found out more about Emily this week, while she continued to spin even more of her lies. We still don't know why she was working for Escher, but it is obvious that she was in some serious trouble if it wasn't for her employer. It is a pity that she didn't just tell Alec the truth after being confronted by the sharp-dressed terrorist; it may have prevented the entire mess afterwards. Sure, she told him before the end, but it was way too late. Let's hope Escher will fill in more gaps in the season finale.

How about those weird Freelancers? Why were they so hard to kill? Could they be bioengineered in some way? Perhaps they are clones with huge advancements made or something. Whatever the reason, they are certainly giving off some wicked Terminator vibes.

Just check out all those models. That production facility much be huge!

But Alec's reveals didn't just include Emily. Alec finally thinks he knows who Jason is. The whole scene at Jason's was brilliant, but I especially loved how Jason stayed emotionally detached during the entire scene, and never once confirmed his relationship. At this point, we don't even know if he is Alec's father or son, or both (I don't even want to think of that possibility). If he is Alec's father, that means the loop is probably set in stone, but with how Jason was talking, I am thinking it is more likely he is Alec's son. Until Jason actually confirms which, we will have to continue to speculate. Maybe if the tea wasn't so rudely interrupted we would have found out.

Alec wasn't the only one to experience twists this week. We all knew that Dillon changed since his time with Escher, but his corruption is going even further than we expected. After everything that Kiera did to help him, I can't believe he was so willing to throw her under the bus like that. Sure, the evidence was stacked against her, but I think her track record speaks for itself. If only she would have just helped Agent Lewis investigate Gardiner's disappearance, or reported it earlier, things may have been different.

Sadly, she doesn't seem to have learnt from those mistakes. I can't believe what she did just to hold onto a chance to return home. This was the low point for the entire episode, and is the reason it will not be getting the best score. The first half of this season guided Kiera down a path so she was finished with the loved ones she left in the future and ready to embrace the present. She even went on to make even more changes to the future afterwards. Now she suddenly flipped back and is back to her silly, yet understandable, goals of returning to 2077, regardless that those loved ones may not even exist. Maybe time-travel really does turn everyone crazy. I desperately hope that someone convinces her to get rid of that infernal device by the end of the season finale.

So much happened in this second last episode of the season that it is hard not to be in awe from its awesomeness, but bit by bit, Continuum is putting the star role in questionable situations that are making her more difficult to like. Sure, we are supposed to be conflicted by who the heroes are, but at this point, at least to me, Kiera is definitely not one of them, and I doubt anything she does in the upcoming season finale will be able to change that. She is still a fantastic character, just not hero material. Who knows, the way major characters are dying or getting removed from the story, season 3 might be following Carlos and Betty as they try to guide Liber8 down a new path, while trying to find everyone the Freelancers took, including Kiera. Wouldn't it be a great twist if it ended with the same scene they used as her nightmare in the season premiere?

"Second Last" also marked the first Continuum episode directed by Amanda Tapping, who did an absolutely fabulous job, as usual. She may not be getting major parts on TV series lately, but from this and other experiences with episodes she directed in other series, she definitely has a talent for it. I really hope she directs more episodes of Continuum in the future, but even better yet, can she get a huge recurring character role in season 3? That would be so fantastic!

Only one episode left this year, and even though we know a bit about how it will end thanks to voting results on the official website, there are still so many possibilities. I can't wait!

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