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Second Last

Season 2, Episode 12 Aired: 2013-07-28

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Continuum: Second Last

Season 2: Episode 12

"Second Last" Review

Episode Plot

Travis gets his hands on a powerful piece of CPS technology, Kiera gets framed, and Alec and Emily try to escape the mysterious Freelancers.



Starring Cast

Magda Apanowicz

Maya Hartwell /

Ian Tracey


Nicholas Lea

Agent Gardiner

Hugh Dillon

Mr Escher

Zak Santiago


Adrian Holmes


Jill Teed


Bruce Ramsay

Detective Rosicki


Episode Quotes

Kiera: Liber8's getting lazy, they had to know we'd cover this from every angle.

Travis: Fancy clothes, luxury lifestyle, we came back to change things, not embrace them.

Emily: If you're unhappy with my methods, I can always move on.

Dillon: Carlos, listen to me, there's loyalty and then there's stupidity.

Escher: You carry destruction in your wake, you're the time bomb.

Sonya: Shame it doesn't come with a gun.
Travis: Oh, there's plenty of weaponry left.

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