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Second Guess

Season 2, Episode 11 Aired: 2013-07-21

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Continuum: Second Guess Review

Bring on the Madness

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains spoilers.***

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When it was revealed that Lucas was seeing dead people I knew that it was going to spawn into something bigger, but I never expected his insanity to spread so far.

Lucas has often been the brains behind so much of what Liber8 has done. He may not be a genius in planning attacks, but behind a keyboard he is a god; it isn't every day that one man can bring an entire city crumbling down, while seeing dead people. I thought his attacks were brilliant, even though he went a little nuts, which is why I am having difficulty understanding why it ended as it did. He obviously knew the call wasn't real or he wouldn't have prepared for their arrival. I hope this isn't the last we see of him, especially since he brought two great Liber8 members back, but in his current condition I can't see anyone wanting him back.

Well, at least he hasn't lost his appetite. A whole chicken... really?

This does leave a huge vacuum in Liber8, one that will need to be filled if they are to continue. Betty is obviously perfect for the job, but an even more awesome possibility is Alec. Yes, I know he is currently on Kiera's side, but with what I suspect Escher has planned for him he might quickly change sides for more protection, and to follow to his warning.

Although, thanks to the new mayor, Liber8 is definitely not as weak as it could have been. I knew those lovers would get back together one day, and now that it has finally happened Vancouver should be trembling with fear. Hopefully they listen to their old friend and concentrate their efforts on the new threat first.

Of all the current characters, I feel the most sorry for Emily right now. She is undoubtedly torn between her mission and her feelings for Alec, but I think she will make the right choice in the end. I just hope that she didn't give her boss that flash drive, for everyone's sake. Chances are, they have a quantum device to power the software too.

While I understand Alec's decision to destroy his all-seeing eye, it was probably the biggest mistake he has made so far. Sure, I doubt it will take him long to create something similar when the need arises, but for now they are back in the dark. I only hope that decision won't come back to haunt him too badly.

If Dillon continues on his current track, they will need something to blow holes in Piron's mandate, particularly since I sense the good few will be leaving soon. Carlos, Betty and Kiera have all been noticing the downward spiral, and others are probably taking notice too. But if they do leave, there will be no one to be the angel on his shoulder to prevent the frightening injustices he could cause. Anyone else missing the old Dillon? I'm starting to wonder if Escher did something to him.

Although, I still have doubts that Escher is as evil as he appears. Sure, he is powerful, but from what we've seen it is the Freelancers that are the real threat. Could he be in charge of those Freelancers? That is possible, but if that was the case I doubt that Matthew would have been able to approach him, or at least walk away on his own afterwards, especially after what happened to Garza. Whatever he is up to, he is serving as a perfect catalyst for most of the characters.

He's got his eyes on you, and you, and most importantly YOU!

I know there is only so much time to tell the story, but Gardiner and Garza's stories are still in limbo. Sure, they were briefly mentioned, but the instead felt like reminders for us not to forget about them, which hopefully means that they will be exploring them more before the end of the season.

I've always found Continuum's writing to be top-notch, but most of this episode surpasses the perfection we are used to in this series, possibly making this the best episode I have ever seen, in any TV series. I might have something to do with Simon Barry directing it, but I am sure the bulk of the superiority is from the entire crew of writers. It might be time to give them a raise.

I can't believe there are only two episodes left in this second season. Continuum has been so great this year, which will only make the coming hiatus between seasons even more difficult. Still, I can't wait to see what surprises they have in store for us.

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