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Second Wave

Season 2, Episode 10 Aired: 2013-07-14

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Continuum: Second Wave Review

Of Men and Monsters

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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With all huge twists during this season of Continuum, the story has only become more and more complex, but with the season finale approaching, why would stop now?

Second Wave seemed to start slow, but only six minutes in we got our first fight and things only got crazier from then on. After a few weeks of minor fighting, this episode had lots of action scenes, plenty of bloodshed, and even a surprising death. It wasn't just between two groups either, it was all over the place, but that is what happens when the lines between factions begin to blur.

I am very impressed that this series has been able to maintain so many separate groups for so long. Most writers have problems working three or four groups at once, but Continuum has at least six; Julian's Liber8, Sonya's Liber8, Travis' Liber8, the Freelancers, Escher, and Kiera's friends, not to mention the independents out there, like Kellog. Surprisingly, each of the groups feel to be adequately represented, especially this week.

Although, some of those groups are beginning to change as people realize the horrors their allies are doing, realizing that the side they are fighting on has been corrupted, for love, or to save their own skin. At this point it is difficult to see what the groups will be like by the season finale, but I wouldn't be surprised to see key characters drag their friends into new alliances.

We know Betty is stuck with a huge choice, but it feels like Carlos is on the verge or a similar one, which could easily be affected by Betty's. With the radical changes Dillon has made to his department, we are seeing Carlos get more conflicted each episode, and since we know he doesn't care for the brutality and injustice in the world, he may suddenly start bending more toward a group fighting the corporations. While I doubt he would quickly join either Sonya or Travis, the new kid in town might be honourable enough to win his vote.

Do YOU still think he's a monster?

In a surprising turn of events, Julian really appears to be reformed. Here we thought that Kiera created the monster, instead he may have become the true light in this increasingly dark story. Could the man who killed thousands to save millions be dead? If so, it is even more likely that 2077 is a very different place from when Kiera left. Although, lots can change before then, and it probably won't take much to push him back to the violent path.

The other Liber8 teams are changing too, thanks to some outside influences. The big two were Garza and Travis, and neither came out of it unscathed. Garza may have left her mark on the fools who tried to interrogate her, but she is now in the hands of an even more dangerous group, which will likely be even worse for her. Also, while Travis may have walked away with a new gift, it likely cost him allies. I guess we can consider that group defunct.

Sonya's faction also is undergoing changes, but they are a bit more confusing. It appears that Lucas might be going insane, but I believe there is something grander going on. Could it be pre-programming that is kicking in, technology embedded into his mind that is allowing others to communicate with him, perhaps even through time, or is their reality starting to break down? I am starting to get a Matrix vibe out of the story, and if true, it could change everything.

I see dead people.

And how about that Kellog? Did anyone guess that he would go crawling back to old friends to gain allies against their new enemy? If, or when, Alec finds out, it is not going to go very well, unless of course Escher makes a very bad choice.

Like Matthew, Escher's agenda is wrapped neatly in an enigma. He doesn't seem to be with the other Freelancers, but, from what he is getting Emily to do, it doesn't look like he is very different. Is he trying to protect Alec from the others, or just save Alec for himself? Either way, I wouldn't trust him as far as Alec could toss him.

On the other hand, I can see Emily defecting from her boss and helping Alec at any cost. As I suspected, she really has fallen in love with him, and is fighting back against her orders because of it. We know her fighting skills kick some serious ass, but will it be enough to protect them both, especially with the secrets? Perhaps if she would tell him the truth, but I think they are going to be in some serious trouble instead.

The Freelancers already showed their villainous ways, but they are even more insidious than I thought. When are they from that they have such advanced technology? Kiera is used to being the one with the advanced tech, but I doubt she will stand much of a chance against an even more advanced group, especially on her own. If there is any group that could change the playing field quickly, it is these slimeballs.

Honestly, I have no idea if Continuum can get any more complex than it already is without falling apart. I am sure that a huge amount of viewers are getting confused by this point, but surely things will make much more sense by the season finale. While I'm dreading the carnage that will undoubtedly happen to some of my favourite characters in the next few weeks, I can't wait to see how this all turns out.

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