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Second Wave

Season 2, Episode 10 Aired: 2013-07-14

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Continuum: Second Wave

Season 2: Episode 10

"Second Wave" Review

Episode Plot

After a surprise attack by a shadowy group, Kiera is captured by yet another enemy. Alec reactivates Travis' military chip in order to hunt him, but it comes with unexpected concequences.


Starring Cast

Luvia Petersen

Jasmine Garza

Omari Newton

Lucas Ingram

Richard Harmon

Julian Randol

Magda Apanowicz

Maya Hartwell /

John Cassini


Hugh Dillon

Mr Escher

Adrian Holmes


Zak Santiago


Darcy Laurie

Detective Martinez

Tanaya Beatty



Episode Quotes

Travis: Don't fear death, each ending is merely a new beginning.

Alec: Thank god Carlos got through to you, because I couldn't.

Carlos: 93.5% probability is the best he can do? Huh.

Carlos: Kiera, this isn't 2077, there are rules and consequences.

Emily: Your plans on world domination still on track?

Julian: They say if you live by the sword, you should be prepared to die by it.

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