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Season 2, Episode 9 Aired: 2013-07-07

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Continuum: Seconds Review

Heroes in Chaos

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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After a two week break between episodes, and with the stunning events that happened in the previous episode, I expected Continuum to return with a new furious speed, but instead we got something that almost felt as if it belonged earlier in the season.

This was a very dark episode. Not because there was lots of death and chaos, but because characters who we once saw as a beacon of light have plunged into the darkness and took everyone around them along for a trip on the dark side.

It all started with Inspector Dillon's return, which I thought was going to be one of the best moments in this season, but instead it was soured by politics and a new darker agenda. We don't know what Mr. Escher did or said to him, but this is not the inspector we knew and loved. Just earlier this season, he called Kiera's actions vigilante behaviour, but now he is transforming the entire police department into a group of vigilantes with no rules to hold them back. I know Dillon was always more relaxed on rules than Carlos, but this is almost too extreme. Plus, the rules are there to hold them back for a reason, so abandoning all of them so readily is only going to set up Vancouver for an even bigger disaster.

Kiera also took a very dark and unrecognizable path. Not too long ago she was all about maintaining the future, but now her friends can hardly hold her back from altering it. Normally Alec is there to hold her down, but even he couldn't talk her out of her choices. Continuum has never been a series with a well defined hero and villain, but we have never seen Kiera make so many villainous choices before. She was very outspoken against the tactics of Liber8 before, but she doesn't seem to have much of a problem of using them for her "greater good".

Since when does heroism look like villainy?

Hopefully, the actions of Kiera and the VPD will have major reproductions in the future, and instead of helping them solve their Liber8 problem it fuels it. We know that changes have been made to the future we are getting glimpses of, but so far it looks to be heading down a very similar path, perhaps several years ahead of schedule.

So who's future were they changing now? Julian Randall's, also known as Theseus. We were told several times that he becomes the messiah in the fight against the corporations in the future, and indirectly spawning Liber8, but we were only ever told about the bogeyman stories the corporations created about him. He sounded like a bad-ass while they made him out to be this horrifying evil that indiscriminately killed thousands of every-day citizens. They even blamed him for every horrifying act that they committed. Now we know the type of atrocities that he created, which actually makes him look like the series' true hero. That's right, unless you are fine with people getting their mind wiped and bodies used as a replacement for machines, Julian is the saviour. Who knew that little punk could become something so great. Sure, his methods are a bit extreme, but compared to what the corporations are doing, his actions are like acts of mercy.

He still has a long way to go before he becomes that man, though, but he is likely one step closer thanks to the other "heroes". But, what type of man will he become now? Will he leave a trial of blood and carnage Travis-style, will he adopt a more political role like Sonya, or find some new path to carry his flock down?

Julian looks much better with a full beard... it is definetely time for Richard Harmon to start growing one.

One thing is for certain, members of Liber8 are acting very odd around Julian. Travis obviously looks up to him like he is his mentor, Sonya almost seems like a religious fanatic who worships his every breath, and Lucas is... well... did Kagame do something to his mind or something? It almost appears like his mind was pre-programmed with a message from the former leader, or Lucas is just trying to act insane to make Sonya appear as the better choice.

Beyond the clouded good vs evil twists, what I loved best was how Julian and Alec were so much alike for once. Both of these brothers have huge destinies in the future, with several people pressuring them to fulfil their roles, and nether of them knew what to do. This could easily have been the moment where their roles suddenly switched, or changed dramatically thanks to each other's influence, but so far it looks like it is the point where they will be driven down their respective paths. I hope that isn't the case as this series strives in being unpredictable by introducing healthy doses of chaos.

I am disappointed that Gardiner's storyline completely dropped off though. After receiving the odd call, and him dropping off the map, I would have thought that the investigation into the missing bodies, and now her other partner's disappearance, would have continued on. In fact, if it wasn't for the mention of Garza's visit, this episode could easily have come before Second Listen (the previous episode) and even made much more sense; especially since it deals with the repercussions of the court case two episodes ago.

One thing is for certain, after this episode, everyone's future is completely up in the air, especially Alec, Kiera and Julian's, and I am sure that the relationship between these three will never be the same again thanks to Kiera's actions. If I were Alec, I would be fleeing from the crazy time-traveller as quickly as possible; she is obviously unstable and untrustworthy. I can't wait to see what becomes of this week's mess.

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