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Second Listen

Season 2, Episode 8 Aired: 2013-06-16

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Continuum: Second Listen Review

Absolute Power Corrupts

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

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It may have taken a long time, but Kiera finally appears to have accepted that the future she came from is gone, leaving her current friends' safety and helping them shape a new future as her priorities, but it appears he old future isn't done messing up the present just yet.

Apparently Alec's message to himself wasn't his only attempt to change the future, as an unexpected sexy fighter (I wonder if that nude scene will get cut on other networks) was also sent back to make sure he didn't follow his dark path. We knew that older Alec supported Liber8's direction before, but I'm starting to wonder if he had a similar meeting with some of the other members too, which might explain why they haven't gone after him yet.

I would love to know when this meeting took place. Did the Liber8 prostitute get captured then, or was this before the bombing, since we know she rescued Travis and Chen from the building. This also makes that "do you think I'm pretty" line from the season 1 finale have a whole new meaning. I love how an improvised line actually impacted future stories in Continuum.

So Kiera, do you think she's pretty?

Even though the second meeting was more intense than Alec would have liked, I can see it working in Alec and Kiera's favour if they ever decide to push Liber8 into a less hostile approaches to changing the future. As long as he doesn't start heading down that dark path, he will at least have one member that might vouch for him.

I am surprised that this huge event didn't impact Alec more emotionally. Is he getting used to being in danger already? Also, I guess he never really cared for his roommates very much.

At least he still has the woman he loves, which is unbelievably able to save him even when she isn't there. But with her freelance ties will she stay with him while he ventures down a new direction?

And how about Kellog, who isn't going to be happy that Alec doesn't want to become the evil overlord he is betting on. Although, there is something about the way he acts with Alec that has me suspecting that his greedy behaviour is actually a smoke screen for something else. Part of me wonders if Kellog might be Alec's illegitimate son or something, but it's probably something more... selfless. If he was really after the money I don't think he would have too much of a problem with Jason, who still could be Alec's father, helping him out.

While Alec is trying to take a lighter path, Gardiner and Kiera's hunt for the missing time travelers took a very dark one. These freelancers are definitely more organized than we were first meant to believe, and significantly more powerful. After this episode, I think Continuum finally has some real bad guys that everyone can agree on. With their plans and tactics, they might even provide another great stepping stone for an alliance with Liber8. After all, they are probably laying the groundwork to create the corporate congress, which is something both sides seemingly want to stop now. These freelancers are starting to remind me of Templars.

Unbelievably, they actually started working well together, dispite the secrets.

We know, thanks to those marks, that Escher is definitely a freelancer, but has he separated from them, or did he purposely lead Kiera down a path to get her out of his way? He obviously is still following their goal of becoming powerful figureheads in the future, but I don't think he would risk it all by painting such a huge target on his back. Plus, it seems like he is more interested in gaining Kiera's favour.

What do those marks symbolize anyway? Are they a method for tracking their success in history, or could they have a larger purpose, like brainwashing for example? Maybe they are storing pieces of information from the future to bring back to the past... but if so, how would they access it?

I was surprised with how little of a role Carlos had this week, but it probably isn't long term, especially after what happened at the end. I still can't believe what happened. Everything was building up as it normal has on this series, then BAM BAM BAM! I'm not going to spoil exactly what happened, but it was such a major event that Kiera's priorities might start to veer away from Liber8, until they return to their violent tactics again anyway.

After what happened in the court house, I am surprised that they pushed on so recklessly. If they can kill two people with in such advanced ways, that should be a sign to back off a bit and get reinforcements. Perhaps it was just a little too sci-fi for them to comprehend the danger.

How about those special effects? This series has had some stunning effects in the past, but the effects during the opening scene were spectacular! I'm talking about blockbuster movie quality! Artifex Studios really went above and beyond this time.

With so much happening in Continuum at this point, I am starting to get concerned that it might be getting too complicated for some viewers. It's okay to leave questions hanging for fans to speculate, but that list is starting to become several pages long, and we aren't getting very many answers. It has even reached a point where you need to watch the episode twice (I'm very thankful for the encore two hours later) to really catch everything. I hope that when the series returns, it will drop a few more curtains on all those mysteries.

Regardless, this was still a fantastic episode. It was a little hard peeling my eyes off the screen while picking my jaw off the floor, and still paying attention to the episode, though.

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